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Essential UI/UX Tips for Custom CMS

Designing your own custom UI/UX has a lot of benefits, but it is important to be aware of the pitfalls that may accompany it as well. Not everyone knows about the right guidelines which can help you in designing a proper CMS. The most important parameters which you need in order to design an accurate and properly functioning CMS is time and money.

Quite a few websites fail due to the lack of a proper customised CMS. However, if you play smart you can actually manage to deal with this problem and get the essential features you are looking for. After all, a customised interface can make your work more personal and allows you to deal with your business with a more direct approach. However, worry not!

We have done quite a bit of extensive research and decided to offer you an entire list of tips by cms development services that will be immensely helpful for further customization:

  1. A user interface is prepared by first checking the entire layouts and styles. Also, the end use of the program is also taken into account.
  2. Wireframing is an important aspect of the process. Even if you decide that you would prefer to go along a readymade pattern or a frame prepared by a developer already, wireframing is the next part of the crucial process that you should check.
  3. The developer sketches out simple wireframes from the person and then checks the layout of the design. Once the layout corresponds you should decide whether to continue with the process.
  4. Another simple tip would be to use a basic prototype of the components of the theme using some simple front-end development.
  5. And last but not the least is the matter of integration. Many people are present already grappling with large-scale integration of so many software across so many interfaces. It’s better to integrate all your software in one place.
  6. The developers should simply proceed to creating better APIs. Both the back end and the front end APIs have different tasks and specifications, which helps in improving the compartmentalization of the program.
  7. It is always easier to prepare content if there is some similarity or some parity within similar pages or same kind of topic. The design of the structure should be simple.
  8. Writing content can be tiresome and working with them, even more so. So one good tip which will strengthen your CMS is the following– consider the structured content as repeating fundamental blocks. It will help you visualize the strategy and plan well ahead.
  9. Never mess around with the text font. You never know how much your content is even if you have control over all the software. It’s better to proceed slowly and go through it then refine your CMS gradually, one step at a time.
  10. It is very much under the realms of possibility that the way you are designing the text and everything for the CMS will not appear the way you want it. There will be other software or bypass methods to check, but then the best way is to prepare some chance or keep some scope for future improvement. After all, the text may realign in a different manner and not always will they be retrievable.

There are many more specific tips. But then it’s important that you keep a good grasp of what is important to you. And attempt to fix the CMS using the above tips which are currently available to you. So what are you waiting for? Get going and make sure your CMS is ready for the professional world!

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Jade Gardner is a developer at Hire PHP Developer. She would love to share thoughts on php mobile app development, .

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1 Comment

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