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Essential Tips for Storing Your RV

After acquiring your new RV, you are ready for adventures and outings without a worry in this world. However, not everyone goes Rving the entire time, and at the end of the day, you need to store your RV for a certain period. Knowing how to store your RV correctly is vital to maintain its value and boost its lifespan. Below are some tricks to help you ensure your RV stays clean, secure, and ready for the next trip.

Find a suitable RV storage.

The first thing you need to ponder on is where to store your RV. You do not want to keep your RV outdoors where it is prone to damage by weather extremities like the scorching sun, heavy rains, or extreme snows. An RV can be massive, and your garage space might not be enough to accommodate it together with your other cars. Thankfully, RV storage facilities are very beneficial in such circumstances.

You can choose between outdoor or indoor RV storage in Spanish Springs, depending on how long you need to store it or how frequently you use it. Monthly rates make RV storage facilities very affordable, plus some come with extra storage amenities. However, ensure the storage facility is secure for the safety of your RV.

Clean it

Before you store your RV, ensure you take your time to clean it up. Remember you want to find it in the same condition as you stored it during retrieval. A good wash and wax prevent dirt from building up and protect the RV from sun damage. Cleaning up before storage also makes cleaning after retrieval easy. Ensure you check the silicon seams, rubber seals ad caulking and repair any cracking before storage.

Ensure it is well ventilated

Ensure your RV is well ventilated before storage. You do not want to open the RV after storage only to see a moldy and rusty interior. That would be a complete turn-off to a great vacation. It is best to leave the rooftop vents open, and with the right RV vent covers, the interior will get all the free air it needs to keep moisture away.

Let there be light

Your first urge would be to close the nighttime shades before storing your RV, but that is not advisable. Closing all the curtains will lead to a dark and damp environment that encourages the growth of molds. You don’t want any molds to crop up in your RV during storage, so light is the best way to combat that. Leave the curtains open for light to get in.

Eliminate pests

Ensure all external openings of your RV are screened or blocked to prevent any pests from ravaging the vehicle’s interior. Bugs commonly attack the plumbing vents, furnace exhaust, air intake piping, exterior fridge panel, and vent. Get rid of all food, seal holes around tubes, hoses, and firewall. Additionally, stiffing steel wool and spray foam into access points keeps away rodents.

Keep it dry

Remove all water from the plumbing drains, including the water heater tank, if there are chances of freezing. Use antifreeze into the piping and valves and ensure you do not have any leaking pipes or hoses. Ensure the RV is as dry as possible before storage. Winterize your RV if it is the winter season to avoid hefty damages.

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