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Proper Storage Tips for Your RV

Owning an RV is on the bucket lists of most people that love adventure. The convenience, fun, and practicability of an RV cannot be overstated. Owning an RV also comes with responsibility, just like in the case of other vehicles.

You have to provide proper storage for your RV if you want to enjoy it for long. It is also an investment that needs protection. Here are some helpful storage tips for your RV when it needs a break.

1. Consider a storage camp

You can choose a camp for RV storage in Spanish springs when you are not on the road. This is the best option for storage as the campuses create the perfect environment for the vehicle. We are talking about head roofs to protect the car from the elements, climate control, and security, to mention a few.

2. Keep the RV clear of food

Before you take the vehicle to storage, ensure there are no food leftovers left. Food and snacks are an essential part of an RV trip or adventure. However, if left to lie around for too long, they can be detrimental.

The food can attract pests into your RV, which can cause damage to the interior. The RV will also develop unpleasant odors and create a thriving environment for mold, which is also harmful.

3. Prepare the tires for storage

Note that the RV is heavy and can strain the tires with the time of storage. You, therefore, need to prepare them before putting the RV to rest. One of the things you can do is preventing direct contact of tires with the ground during storage. You can do this by putting things like cradles and blocks between the tires and the ground.

This will go a long way in ensuring that the RVs’ weight is distributed evenly during storage. It is also recommended that you deflate the tires slightly with the guidance of the tires manufacturer’s instructions.

Covering the tires will also protect them from direct exposure to sunlight which can cause damage to the rubber. Leaving the tires naked can also make them susceptible to weather cracking, which will call for replacement when using the RV.

4. Keep the RV dry

Ensure that the refrigerator is defrosted and dried before storage. Drain all the liquids in the RV too. During storage, the RV should remain dry lest mold will form and cause damage to the interior. You could also check for cracks in the seams and seal them to prevent moisture from sipping in.

Invest in covers for the RV or consider a storage camp where the RV will be protected from elements such as rain.


When things are taken care of, they last. That is why you have to ensure your RV receives the best care. Proper storage is a critical part of vehicle care and maintenance. Renting a storage camp will help in keeping your RV safe from thieves, elements, and damage.

Prepare the tires for storage by slightly deflating and covering them. Also, ensure the RV is dry at all times during storage.

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