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Email Marketing Terms: Grossly Misunderstood at Times

Many times you must have felt out of place in a discussion regarding email marketing simply because you are not quite aware of the prevalent email marketing terms and definitions. You must know your email marketing terms for not only expanding your knowledge but also to effectively use emails for marketing and promotion. Once you are conversant with email marketing vocabulary, you would certainly rule the show.

You should, however, know the actual implication of a term. With time, email marketing has been acquiring numerous terms that are often grossly misunderstood. Here are five major terms that have been misunderstood by people. Their real meaning is not known to many.

Delivery Rate

This is certainly the most useless statistic for email marketers. Many people feel that it points out the precise number of your emails that reach the inbox. In fact, it tells you exactly how many emails did not bounce. About 15 years back, this would have been a good idea about the number of emails reaching the inbox. Today very few and rare junk mail problems now end up in a bounce. You could consider sending your list containing addresses at vital email providers for getting a much better idea about inbox placement, the contemporary term for assessment of email delivery.

Open Rate

Suppose I am sending an email to 100,000 email IDs and 20,000 are actually tracked as opens, it then implies that 20 percent of the people actually read it. Right? No. It actually means that 20 percent of the email IDs actually served the specific tracking pixel and of course, many of them must have read, as well as, digested the email. As per the research findings by Litmus, 50 percent of the opened emails are opened for a shorter span than even 2 seconds.

This truly affects greatly about your understanding of an open rate because, in numerous cases, it must have been just a glance and no content seemed to be digested. You simply cannot assume that just because someone had actually opened your email he had read the content. You should go on reminding them and consider repeating the content. Do not simply assume that they read the content and are not interested. In fact, they probably have just glanced over without digesting any of the content.


Relevance is actually a term entwined by many with such techniques as segmentation and personalization. Relevance is strategic to maximizing your efforts at email marketing as it is effective in creating stronger engagement and higher response rates. It also results in lesser unsubscribes. Simply by doing segmentation and personalization does not really equate relevance. Relevance implies that your message is of interest and use for a specific person who receives it.

Sender Score

Sender Score relates to a company and an Emailcenter’s friend called Return Path. They are known to be operating a free website and many premium tools which would be providing a score of an IP address which sends the email that would be giving an idea about how much spam has been sent and how competent an email sender it actually is. There are many other such tools doing something similar like Senderbase and Reputation Monitor.

You would also be having the Return Path service Sender Score Certified and in case you are able to meet their demanding standards for complaint metrics and data collection, it would allow whitelist access to key email providers like Yahoo and Hotmail.


So it is quite evident that certain email marketing terms are often grossly misunderstood and you need to understand these terms clearly to be able to conduct email marketing more effectively and get enhanced outcomes. Remember that each and every industry including your own email marketing world would be having its own jargon. You need to know and understand precisely all the major prevalent terms for successfully navigating the email marketing world.

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David Wicks is blogger and writer. He enjoy writing posts more on fashion, technology and more other which are helpful to readers. He also like to spend more time on social media.

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