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Effective Ways to Backup Your Photos While Traveling

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There are various aspects of planning a trip. One of the primary worries that photographers face is planning how to backup the travel photos of an extended trip. The digital files of the photographs may not make it back if they are not backed up.

Protecting the photos you take on your trip is vital because these photos are going to be all the memory you would have the vacation. Images may be lost due to a variety of reasons which may include misplaced or corrupted memory cards, stolen equipment and so on.

The good news is, there are various ways to backup your travel photos effectively. Let’s take a look at those here.

Carry Multiple Memory Cards

One of the most cost-effective ways to backup your travel photos safely is by using more than one memory card to shoot the images. Using one memory card to shoot all the photos is a bad idea. If the memory card gets corrupted, the entire collection will be lost.

You can invest in multiple memory cards of varying storage capacities. Rotate the cards each day you go out. If one or two cards malfunction or get lost, you would at least have some of the pictures instead of none at all. Some high-end DSLR cameras have slots for more than one memory card. These cameras are configured in a way to ensure that the images you take are stored in both the memory cards.

Memory cards are subject to damages caused by varying weather conditions. Before you leave, you should buy storage cases for these cards and pack them properly to ensure that they reach to and from the destination safely. Also, do not forget to test all the memory cards.

Upload the Images to Cloud Storage

If you have Internet access, you can backup your photos in the cloud and travel stress-free. There are various sites for uploading photos that you can use to store your photos. Some of the cloud storage sites are free and can accommodate various types of files. Choose yours carefully. Keep in mind that uploading these photos may take up a lot of bandwidth. Therefore, it is wise to use WiFi for this purpose.

If you have no access to any mobile devices and want to transfer the photos directly from your camera to cloud, you can connect it to a computer in an Internet cafe to move the files.

Backup Photos to a Portable Device

Do you travel with a portable device? Smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. fit the bill. These devices have enough capacity to store the photos that you take on your trip. Portable hard drives can also be used for this purpose. Transferring the photos to these devices will ensure that the images are not lost.

It is also wise to backup the photos in more than one portable device. This will keep your photos safe even if one of the devices is stolen or lost.

Use Automatic Smartphone Backup

When you travel, not all the images that you take are going to be with your DSLR. Some of the most memorable experiences can be captured by your smartphone as well. Many smartphones provide automatic backup facilities. This will help in saving up the photos and reduce your chances of losing them.

Utilize a Recovery Data Program

If you have not been able to carry out the above tips and you had to store all the photos in one memory card, you can still recover the images if the memory card gets corrupted. For this, you would need to use a recovery data program. This can help you recover the images that are stored in the corrupted card but cannot be accessed by normal methods.

Get Your Photos Printed

Even with all the necessary precautions, digital file of the images may still get lost. Therefore, it is wise to get them printed as soon as you can. This will ensure that you have a copy of the images stashed somewhere safely even if you lose all the digital files. If you live in the UAE, you can avail the some of the best services in photo printing in UAE for this purpose.

These tips will ensure that you do not lose your images when you travel.

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Tristan Taylor, a proficient fashion photographer, is associated with various photography workshops, seminars and symposiums. He keeps himself updated with nitty-gritties of fashion photography industry. Tristan found Gulf Photo Plus extremely helpful to extract information regarding Fine art printing, Giclee print and other aspects related to photography.

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