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7 Instagram Tips Every Photographer Should Know

If you’re a photographer, you know that Instagram is one of the best platforms to showcase your work. It offers you an amazing way to boost your brand awareness. And the best part is that it offers great sharing tools and all the features you need to make a business out of it. Plus, the more people follow you, the easier it will be to become an influencer and get paid for promotions. It’s a great and unique opportunity that you might want to check out and enjoy without that much of a hassle.

Create fun photos

If you want to get Instagram followers or just keep them entertained, remember why people use Instagram in the first place. They want to have fun, so make sure that you create casual, exciting content that they can enjoy all the time. If you have amazing photos that exude emotions and excitements, you will get to have some amazing results, and that’s the most important aspect that you need to keep into account here.

Make a unique profile page

There are lots of profile pages that copy others. You want to be distinct. You should include your bio, contact address and location. It’s a good idea to add the website URL too. And while there, you also want to add the Instagram feed app to your website just to be safe.

Don’t type too much

People do read the photo descriptions, but not all the time. And even if they do, they don’t have the time for complex stuff. They want something minimal, and that’s what you have to offer them. A more minimalist and unique approach is what they want and that will come in handy. It’s a good idea to tag people involved in the photo, as this will bring more eyes to it.

Be consistent

Every photographer needs to understand that being consistent is crucial on Instagram. If you want to grow and generate more leads and customers, consistency is very important. You don’t have to post every day if you don’t want to. But if you do that, you need to stay as consistent as possible. The results can be great and amazing in their own right, all you have to do is to make the right choice and the experience can be extremely interesting!

Stick to the right formats

You will notice that there are certain sizes for every format. For the square images you want the 1080px X 1080px. For the vertical images you want 1080px X 1350px. And lastly, horizontal images have to be 1080px X 566px. These are great sizes to focus on, but of course, you can feel free to opt for some of the other ones out there. These will help you avoid any quality loss, so that alone makes them very good to begin with.

Use hashtags so you can get noticed by hubs

Yes, hubs tend to have a lot of exposure and they do feature photographers that have great content. Once you have a lot of great work on your Instagram page, you can start using hashtags for these great hubs. They will notice you in no time.

Use hashtags often

Around 5 hashtags per post will be more than ok. Don’t use hashtags in the entire description, you can add them at the end and one in the description or 2 at most.

These Instagram tips will make it easier for you to use hashtags and learn how to complete the entire process adequately. It definitely works amazingly well and it’s super adaptable and adjustable to your own needs.

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1 Comment

  1. Amie

    April 4, 2019 at 10:31 am

    Yahoo’s stratdgy turned out too be fully backwards.

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