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Different Types of IT Support Services in Dublin, Ireland

IT (Information Technology) is ruling the world. In every aspect of our life, we are using technology, one way or another. From computers to smartphones; from data centers to remote backup services; from heavy hardware to cloud computing services, our professional and personal lives are hugely dependent on technology.

Enterprises cannot function without technology anymore. Be it a single owner, single employee startup or a global enterprise, IT plays a vital role in running the business. Communication, production, marketing, or customer service, IT systems are required to complete the job.

To handle the IT system of the enterprise, every business had an exclusive IT support department where IT professionals with experience worked continuously to monitor, upgrade, and maintain the system. Their job was to detect any glitches or virus in the system and troubleshoot it, along with helping other employees work on the system.

With advancing technology, this job has been taken over by service provider companies. Enterprises are now third-party service providers to maintain the IT system and upgrade it as and when required. With the popularity of cloud computing, these support services are being provided online as well. Many companies now specialize in providing IT Support Services in Dublin through the cloud platform.

The entire IT system can be hosted on the cloud platform and be managed by the service provider. There are many advantages of using the support services of a company when compared to managing the IT system by hiring employees. One of the main advantages is the experience and cost. The companies provide customized services which help enterprises in choosing a service package according to their requirements. Having long term contracts saves money. And since the main purpose of the companies is to provide IT support, they have professionals with a better experience.

Moreover, the companies offer 24×7 technical assistance. At any given point in time, enterprises can contact the companies to troubleshoot an error, and the company will take care of it as soon as possible. They ensure that minimum disruption is caused to the business, and employees can get back to their work faster.

Types of IT Support Services

IT support services can be classified into various categories. Let us take a look at some of the most used services in the industry.

Business Technology Services

Providing technical support to enterprises on various levels comes under business technology services. Whether it is L1, L2, or L3 level support (from basic supervision to in-depth monitoring and problem prevention), technology services include-

  • Hardware and Software Support, Maintenance, and Enhancement
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Client System Incident Management
  • Business Administration Consulting

Virtualization Services

Virtualization is an umbrella term that encompasses various tasks to reduce the operational costs of the enterprise and help in saving money. Server consolidation is known as virtualization. It is the process in which the servers communicate with each other while using less power and optimizing the resources. This ensures that the work gets done faster and fewer resources are used.

Network Support Services

One of the most commonly used IT Support Services In Dublin is the network support service. Right from planning the design for the network to implementing it, maintaining it, and upgrading it, the service provider takes care of all elements of the network. The company also provides access to the network (employee access, management access, wireless access, etc.) based on the specifications of the enterprise.

Data Processing and Migration

Migrating the business system to the cloud is a huge task. It can take days or even weeks, depending on the volume and complexity of the business. The entire raw data has to be collected, processed and analyzed so that the service providers know how to handle the migration. The main aim of the companies is to iron out the wrinkles and make sure that the migration process takes as little time as possible so that businesses can get back to production.

Remote Cloud Backup Solutions

Storing the data in a remote cloud helps enterprises keep confidential information safe and secure. Also, enterprises will not face the risk of losing data when their data centers, external storage drives, or computer systems get affected or corrupted. Employees can access the data from any location and continue the work even when offsite.

Security Solutions

Following the best security standards are vital for any enterprise. With hackers and phishers shadowing our every step, it is essential for enterprises to safeguard their business system from all kinds of external attacks.

Apart from the above-mentioned services, the companies also provide helpdesk services, desktop services, print services, personal cloud deployment, and many more. Enterprises can talk to the service providers and get a detailed idea about the services suitable for their business and personalize the service package accordingly.

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