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Devices that Will Make Your Car a Genuine Gadgetmobile

Modern cars come with such fancy equipment that it sometimes looks as if they do not need any additional gadgets. However, this is only partly true. The whole truth is that those high-tech pieces of equipment are usually part of highly expensive equipment packages. They cannot be obtained by every Joe and Jane Doe. Luckily, gadget manufacturers produce enough interesting devices for every taste, so let’s see what’s hot on the market at the moment.

Boost your engine intelligence

The times when you had to take your car to a service garage to find out what is wrong with the engine are relics of the past. Today you can easily learn whatever you want about the condition of your car engine. To do that, you only need to get the iOBD2 engine diagnostics device. The procedure is quite easy. You have to install the gadget by plugging it into the engine data port, inside your car. The next step is connecting via Bluetooth, after you have downloaded the iOBD2 app. Through this gadget you can access the European On-Board Diagnostic system to get the codes for different car models. Once you have reached them, you are ready to start the magical tour of engine performances.

Avoid traffic plight with Alcosense Lite

Let’s start with a disclaimer: drinking alcohol and driving at the same time is highly dangerous. Nobody should combine these two things. Still, if your government tolerates a certain level of alcohol in driver’s blood, you need to be careful in terms of the proscribed limitations. If you want to always be able to measure how much alcohol there is in your body, go for the Alcosense Lite device. The gadget works on the basis of replaceable blow tubes; and according to reviews, it is a pretty accurate gadget.

Find the route with TomTom

Adequate both for professional and amateur drivers, the fresh TomTom Go 40 represents one of the most useful satellite navigations. From the super-simple menu in the form of ribbon to its high-definition, well-responsive screen and the Speak & Go voice command, this navigation device will make your drive a real treat. Moreover, features like free maps of European routes or TomTom traffic only to the overall perfection of this device.

Safety view of the road

The largest benefit of such a strong technological impact on the automobile industry is definitely the improved safety. Thanks to cutting-edge solutions, like parking sensors and car safety cameras, modern drivers are much safer today than a decade or two before. When it comes to crash cameras, these gadgets can be of great help. If you want to have a reliable and long-lasting video gadget for your car, get a Uniden crash cam. For instance, iGO Cam 850 is a state-of-the art model. Based on the black box technology, this gadget will notify the driver on every unusual move in the surrounding traffic. Thanks to its recording option, the footage can be used by the police in case of accident.

Perfect road footage

For more detailed photos and footage, modern drivers can choose from a large number of refined cameras. For instance, the VIRB XE camera can provide 12-MP photos at the rate of 30 frames a second. When it comes to videos, with this quality action camera it is possible to make wide-angle footage with HD resolution. Also, with the help of G-Metrix, you can capture the entire depth and intensity of every moment caught on this camera.

Macally dMount

In addition to navigation devices, some drivers still use their smartphones for navigation. In order to avoid making blind spots on the windshield and to ensure that the phone stays firmly fixed, the wisest choice is to go for the smartphone dMount holder. It is a product made specifically for the dashboard. A strong, stable mount, equipped with a cutting-edge suction cup easily stuck to any surface, dMount can handle phones up to 3¾-inches wide and keep them firm.

Car gadgets are yet to overtake the automotive industry in the near future. Drivers should only relax and make the best use of those great drive-enhancing wonders.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gokhan Degirmenci

    June 6, 2016 at 8:23 am

    I like how your post explains the opposite of “Less is more” Instead your philosophy is “More is less”. I appreciate that you suggest to steer clear of purchasing low-quality parts because it will cost you less in the run. Now I understand that top rated professionals and licensed technicians really make a difference with the product they show in labor. Thank you for the advice.

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