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Deployment of Cloud-Based Unified Communication

Unified communication is becoming popular with every passing day as it provides great solution for present day communication in organizations. Now, while implementing UC in organizations, the primary questions will always revolve around the deployment method. The scope of the UC solution in your enterprise may depend upon its size and spread; however the primary concern is whether it should be managed on site or on cloud.

Those who are aware of the advantages that cloud based UC provides will always prefer to use that. Although there are options for hybrid solutions, yet cloud seems to be the best choice. Now, while deploying cloud based UC solution you need to consider the following.

Cloud based UC, a step towards mobility

After implementation of UC in your concern, you set an environment where communication becomes faster and easier. To take more advantage from it, making UC mobile is the best option. Thus, by deploying cloud based UC you take a step towards mobility.

Consideration of various cloud based UC components

While deploying cloud based Unified Communications you need to consider the various component of UC and then think of deploying them. The key components of UC are

  • Collaboration
  • Unified Messaging
  • Presence
  • Mobility
  • Integration with Other Business Applications
  • Contact Center

Deployment of these components will be necessary for proper deployment of cloud based UC. Once they are perfect starting UC will not be an issue.

Taking care of VoIP

For UC, VoIP is essential, thus those concerns that have legacy telephony have to bear the pain of deploying both hosted VoIP and Cloud based UC. Now, there may be a confusion that whether UC is replacing something or is adding a new platform. Of course, UC is a new platform, there was nothing like it before where one could communicate and collaborate with others so easily to fulfill organizational goals.

Importance of proper IT expertise

When you run your IT system, it is obvious that there were different options available to you that made it possible for you run the IT infrastructure. Now, with cloud based UC, all these functionalities will be taken care of by the hosting service provider. You do not have to worry about them. So, while deploying cloud based UC it does not become mandatory to manage a team of IT experts. Having a few to interact with the service provider and let them know your needs will be enough.

Stay competitive with cloud based UC

Every business out there is looking for ways so that they can minimize their cost and increase their profits. For this it is necessary that management and employees are able to communicate with other regularly. This is possible with Unified communication. Like with the help of presence you can find out what the person you are looking for is doing. If he is busy in taking calls and you need to inform him something important, instant message him.

Successful deployment of UC facilitates flow and exchange of information on a real-time basis, which in turn leads to an improvement in efficiency of employees. Management will be able to identify specific responsibilities of employees located across different offices in the world, set their goals, and keep track of the progress.

Moreover, after deployment of cloud based UC it becomes easier for concern to manage their IT costs as it is reduced whereas the communication and collaboration among employees develops. It helps in aligning the strategies of management with the ones that are executed. Moreover, premises based UC deployment will take time while cloud based UC will take much less time.

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Michelle Patterson is a blogger more interested in HRMS, Technology, and Business. She has been invited by many companies to see their products and love sharing the knowledge and experience with the world.

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