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Dedicated Servers: Pros and Cons

If you are toying with the idea of opting for a dedicated server it certainly means that you are already acquainted with the idea of web hosting. You must have also been part of shared hosting platforms either free or paid. And now that you are considering having a dedicated hosting plan to your name, it could also mean that your business is indeed growing in leaps and bounds. However, before you can actually make a transition to dedicated hosting, it’s important to have a look at the pros and cons of engaging personal servers.


The Pros

Let us start with the advantages of having a private and dedicated server:

• More Space for Storage and More Bandwidth: When you have a server dedicated to your needs and wants, you can have much more space for storage and enhanced bandwidth too. This means, you can enjoy completely customized services and features. There would no dearth of resources here. Enhanced bandwidth would also mean enhanced speed for website visitors, ensuring a better and seamless experience for them.

• More Freedom: When you don’t have to share server space with just about anyone it would mean that you will not have to adjust with anyone whatsoever. You can enjoy your freedom and utilize the resources as you please. Other’s usages will not impact your performance.

• More Privacy: With a dedicated server solely to your name, you can enjoy complete privacy. There would be no chances of unwarranted encroachments. You can always choose to protect your data and information in whichever way you deem fit. In fact, having a dedicated space for hosting is advisable for websites dealing with confidential information.

• Improved Performance and Reduced Downtime: When you have a server dedicated for your usage, you can enjoy optimal performance and reduced downtime. This means website performance will not be affected by traffic surges.

The Cons

Some of the disadvantages of engaging a dedicated server include:

• The Notorious Price Points: Well, having a private server that is dedicated solely for your usage could prove to be extremely expensive. In most cases, small or medium sized companies may not be in a position to pay for it. It will need meticulous financial planning for resource allocation. It is important to be aware of the best price points however and then bargain suitably with your service provider.

• The Technical Expertise you will Need: Managing a dedicated hosting platform may not be easy unless of course you are completely well versed with the functionality. There is always the option of having a managed platform. However that again can prove to be astronomically expensive.

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