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How to Find the Best Dedicated Server Provider

When your website enters the phase of growth, you feel need to invest in powerful dedicated servers to efficiently manage its inbound traffic. This type of server comes with the best combination of memory, bandwidth, and processors to serve your individual needs. You become the sole client of the dedicated server. This gives you an opportunity to find the best dedicated server provider possessing the right infrastructure that can be tailored to your needs and budgets.

You should make informed decisions based on the following factors:


Assess the Technology Configurations:

When finding the best servers for your website, you should lay focus on the technology that suits your business and its requirements. You should assess the current configuration of your server and estimate the futuristic growth and expectations. With these projections in mind, you should compare the servers on the parameters of operating system, CPU cores, disk space, memory, bandwidth, and type of storage. Each of these configuration technologies come with associated costs. Hence, you should make an assessment wisely.

Assess the SLAs:

In the IT business, any system downtime can cost your business dearly. Downtime can lead to a major loss of revenues every year. Data center power outage or unplanned IT downtime can cost anywhere near $5600 per minute. With a dedicated server, you can explore higher levels of speed and performance including guarantees for best uptime. Also, they offer robust service level agreements or SLAs for managing the server for high-tier clients. They guarantee 100% reliability and uptime.

Assess the Security:

If you find the best dedicated server provider, you can easily configure and optimize your server for minimized risks. It should support your business without being vulnerable to cyber crimes. Here, it should be noted that nearly $400 billion is lost every year due to hacking. A huge portion of this cyber crime goes unknown and undetected. Therefore, you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to selecting a dedicated server. Prefer a service provider offering firewalls, SSL certificates, and DDoS protection to the server.

Assess the Scalability:

Flexibility and scalability are assured in the cloud hosting servers. At the same time, there are higher costs to be paid for these features. Hence, you should prefer a server provider who can scale the dedicated environments as well. You should be careful right from the start to include more predictability in the preparation of additional resources or servers to meet the growing demands of traffic. It helps in controlling the cost of servers.

Also, you should assess the level of support offered by the server provider. It should be available round the clock through text, chat, or email to address and resolve your queries. You should ask about their average response time and time taken to resolve your query. With these factors in mind, you can select the right dedicated server.

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Nancy Ahuja is a Search Engine Optimization executive at an SEO services companyPAGETRAFFIC, one of Asia's most award-winning & recognized SEO AGENCY. She has been the spearhead of many successful SEO Campaigns for PageTraffic global SEO Clients.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Manal Shaikh

    May 17, 2020 at 9:52 am

    The main factor is the price. Because the price for the same specification varies a lot.
    Otherwise, DDoS protection and uptime are other great factors to consider before purchasing a dedicated server.

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