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How to Find Beautiful Canvas Prints for Your Wall Art

Wall art with the wow factor

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing good quality canvas prints is their ability to transform a room, despite the fact they are relatively inexpensive.

There can be little to rival them to make a statement. Canvas prints, some examples available here can really “make” a room. Whether it’s a family portrait, a scene from your favourite holiday location, or a canvas print to show your product, wall art is often the first thing to grab your attention.

The incredible range of images, styles, genres and even sizes now available, make versatile canvas prints particularly ideal for impact in living rooms or boardrooms. You can choose to match your chosen decor or create a colour contrast. You can also change them regularly and arrange them in either an ordered or imaginative layout; go big or stay small. The possibilities are limitless.

But can canvas look classy?

Thanks to modern manufacturing methods and materials, the short answer to that question is YES!

There has been a tendency to believe that to show an image off to its best advantage, it should be on gloss paper, behind glass and encased in a frame. However, canvas prints are putting that myth in its place. Not least, as they can show off images without the distraction of glare or smudges on the glass.

Canvas prints can be incredibly vivid and tactile. You can fit them around both the nature of the image but also the wall space available too. They can be placed in a multitude of configurations, to create mood and form.

With the potential to see every brush stroke of paintings or intricate detail of photographic images, canvas prints have a stripped back and authentic appeal. The image takes centre stage. In other words, class that’s unfettered by glass.

Rising popularity of urban art

These days, if you want wall art with that wow factor, then you might want to consider looking at what is appearing out of the streets of global cities.

Not long ago, “graffiti” of all forms was greeted with horror. Anyone who painted on walls was a vandal. Then came Banksy, and a new breed of urban artists who made people sit up and take notice. Fast forward, and urban art is now one of the most popular choices for canvas prints in homes and offices.

Not only does it tend to feature vivid colours, unfettered fluidity and creative imagery, it is also deeply rooted in social commentary. Urban art can capture moments in history and the mood of the times in a way that conventional art finds more challenging. The top names in this artistic field travel from city to city, making urban art a truly global form of creative expression.

As the original “canvas” tends to be a wall, the form and layout of urban art is more unconventional and scalable, meaning your canvas print can encompass the whole image or just one element that you particularly enjoy.

Picture perfect

Do you have a favourite personal photograph you could like as a canvas print? Technology offers editing and sizing software that can create even large-scale canvas prints, without compromising on quality and sharpness.

Which means that wow factor could also bring a glow of warmth from a much-loved memory.

But photographic canvas prints are not just enlargements of amateur shots featuring family members, pets or holiday memories. You can use this medium to display professional photography too.

Photo-journalism is more readily appreciated. This is partly due to the rise of social media, which has also inspired millions of people to capture everything that is visually appealing, from a plate of delicious food to the clever interplay of light and form.

Photography is also appearing in galleries and art exhibitions more often. As a form of art investment, photography is still in its infancy compared to paintings and sculptures. However, iconic and fascinating photographs from the past are becoming popular as canvas prints.

Perhaps more significantly, modern technology is making it possible to capture previously hidden detail and movement, opening a whole new world of possibilities for photographic canvas prints with the wow factor.

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