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Deception Technology Using Honeypot Software

Cyber security is basically one of the main concerns of network owners and network security managers because the security of their networks is indeed critical to protecting their important and valuable data and information. They perfectly know that any successful attack on their networks can definitely bring down their business and enterprise and compromise important documents that may be injurious and detrimental to their interests. Hence, most network managers ensure that the perimeters of their networks are secured from cyber-attacks. But cyber-hackers are evolving, and malware is also evolving. Moreover, cyber-hackers are well-funded, and for these reasons, they can manage to create unusual and unorthodox ways and methods of breaching networks.

Cyber security measures usually follow certain basic principles. One principle is that of making a precise and comprehensive inventory of control system devices, while at the same time, preventing an exposure of all these control equipment to external elements. This means that you should not allow any machine to communicate directly to your control equipment. Second, you should apply the use of Firewalls and implement network segmentation. Third, you should use secure methods of remote access. Fourth, you should also implement a logging system within your network. Likewise, you should make sure that you are using strong passwords, and you should change your default passwords. Moreover, you should also maintain awareness of the vulnerabilities of your network, while at the same time, you should implement updates and patches for these vulnerabilities. Lastly, you should orient your employees about the network security policies and ensure that they have undergone cyber security training. There are also other things that you can employ to ensure that your network is kept secure and without any breach.

The Use of Deception Technology

Deception technology may sound to you like a method that is immoral and unethical. Well, in a cyber war, you definitely cannot implore the high grounds of morality to win against immoral and unethical cyber-hackers. You basically need to employ all the necessary available tactics and strategies to ensure that you are gaining more grounds against your enemies, and one way to gain more grounds from your enemies in a cyber war is to employ your enemies own and favorite tactic—deception. Since most cyber-attackers thrive in the use of deception to gain access to a network, you, as the network owner, should also learn to use deception to win cyber battles and eventually win the cyber war. Although this cyber war will continue until there are networks that are existing, you should always win battles and should basically make use of deception and include it in your cyber security measures.

You may be asking about how you can employ deception as a network security tactic? Well, you definitely can, and if you don’t know how, you should instead avail of the services of a managed security solution provider who can provide you with a decoy network that can help you avert cyber-attacks right at the very onset of the attack. You can also employ honeynet technology and honeypot cyber security measures to ensure that your network is impregnable to malware attacks. This internal honeypot will surely attract cyber-hackers into your decoy network. Eventually, you will be able to trap these cyber-hackers and know their very natures.

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