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Cool Activities To Do In Beijing That You Cannot Forget

Beijing is a sprawling metropolis where history and modernity coexist at every street corner. Beijing, located in the far northeastern region of China, has been the political and cultural capital of China for over 800 years.

Since then, Beijing has experienced tremendous economic growth and positioned itself as a global center for politics, culture, and academia. Are you willing to visit Beijing this year? Without any doubt, start planning, and make qatar airways flights booking online hassle-free. Also, save up to 60% off on every flight till the last minute. To assist you, the following is a list of things that certainly cannot be missed when visiting one of the world’s most fascinating cities.

The Imperial Palace and Forbidden City of China

Since 1987, the Imperial Palace has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it would be a shame for visitors visiting Beijing to miss it. The Imperial Palace is centrally placed in Beijing. The Forbidden City, which serves as the political capital of China, was built by a Ming emperor in the fifteenth century. He modeled it after Siheyuan, which are classic Chinese homes.

A Section of the Great Wall of China

It is difficult to visit Beijing without seeing the Great Wall, which was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. The Great Wall is one of the World’s Seven Wonders. From the surface of the Moon, this vast military facility spanning more than 8,850 kilometers can be observed. Between the third and seventeenth centuries, the northern boundary of China experienced multiple periods of construction and reconstruction to ensure its security.

Tiananmen Square

What activities are available in Beijing? With a total area of 440 000 square meters, Tian’anmen Square is one of the greatest public squares in the world; thus, you should arrive there without delay. The annual National Day military parade is held there every year on October 1.

The Sanctuary of the Divine Beings

If you can only visit one temple in Beijing, it should be the Temple of Heaven, which is located southeast of Tian’anmen Square. This temple, which was built in 1420 by Emperor Yongle in accordance with the ideas of Chinese cosmology, was regarded as the entrance to the heavenly realm. There, the emperors performed a variety of ceremonies and made sacrifices to implore the heavens for plentiful crops.

Summertime view of the Palace

Do you seek peace and tranquility in your life? Visit the Summer Palace and its 280-hectare park, which is regarded as a masterwork of Chinese landscape art. As a pleasant thing to do in Beijing, you can take in the exquisite elegance of the Middle Empire, go for a stroll by the lake, or take your family on a boat excursion.

The Buddhist Temple of the Lama

If you are interested in Buddhist culture, it is essential that you visit the Lamas Temple. During Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, the possibility of its destruction was quite serious. Thankfully, it was saved at the last second. It is today regarded as one of the most renowned Buddhist temples outside of Tibet. You will have the chance to excavate valuable Buddhist artworks and observe monks going about their daily lives.

Tombs of the Ming dynasty

Visit the graves of the emperors who governed China during the most powerful dynasty in the country’s history fifty kilometers outside of Beijing. To access the UNESCO-recognized World Heritage-listed mausoleums, you must go seven kilometers along the Sacred Way, which winds across the valley.

Lacquered duck

It is impossible to visit Beijing and not sample the city’s renowned lacquered duck. This traditional Beijing dish can be seen on the menus of many local restaurants. It was invented during the Ming dynasty, elevated to the status of a traditional dinner during the Qing dynasty, and recognized as one of China’s most iconic dishes to this day.

How to Reach Beijing?

By Air

Beijing is the busiest city for air travel. Beijing Capital International Airport acts as a hub for international flights to major cities on almost all continents (excluding sub-Saharan Africa and sub-USA American cities), as well as domestic flights to every provincial capital and large city in China.

By Train

Beijing City has four distinct train stations: Beijing Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, and Beijing North Railway Station. Thousands of rail lines connect these stations to other cities in China. Beijing Railway Station is the station with the most central location.

By Road

Beijing has more than 29515 vehicles in operation and 1020 bus lines by the end of 2016. The bus network encompasses the vast majority of urban and suburban picturesque locations.


Beijing, whose name in Chinese means “city of the north,” has twenty-one million inhabitants, making it the second most populous city in China after Shanghai, its principal economic rival. The Chinese name for Beijing means “city of the north. So why wait? Plan your tour to Beijing with AirlinesMap to gain an entirely different experience from your trip.


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