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Compelling Apps that You Must Own for your Business

How would it be if you could casually close a major deal while holidaying with your family?

Time has become too precious to be spent on travelling or to wait till dawn, reach the office all decked up and then do the decision making. Businesses are demanding a proactive approach which longs for the anytime, anywhere attitude. Taking critical decisions on the go from home, waiting for your turn in the salon or preparing dinner is today’s trend and the exigency with which businesses are being drawn in. In such a grappling scenario, we have few life-saving or rather your business saving apps you could count on to for your all-time access to almost everything your work will need. Take a look and see how many you have already adopted and how many you need to further.

Netsuite- Business management app:

This is one unified business management app which weaves ERP/financials, CRM and the commerce of your business into a single platform. You could blindly bet on this app for any information across the length and breadth of your organization. To add on, Netsuite is based on Cloud, it is social and completely mobile enabled for the users to benefit from it.

NimbleCRM- Customer relationship app:

Are you a customer focusing company? Untangle yourself from the complexities of looking for customer information every time. Rest assured from anywhere as your customer information is taken charge by NimbleCRM. This app doesn’t need any data entry, helps you work with references, identify and focus on key contacts and you could catch up with your customers from anywhere around the globe!

Buffer-Social media management app:

Looking to manage your social media accounts on the go? You could back on Buffer. Buffer supports you in handling multiple accounts on the move. You could schedule your posts, track performances & increase your following, gain insights and so on all while you are on the go!

Dashboard-For analytics:

Processes which are untracked remain arrows shot in the dark-aimless. Google helps analyze every move in your business with dashboard. It gives you real-time insights on your business whereabouts, detailed reports on hiccups and changes required for improvement. Remember, all this while you are away from your office desk.

Google drive-Sharing files:

Transferring information when you are away from office is pivotal. You need to be connected all the time and essential information must be passed on without delay. Google drive serves this purpose by facilitating instantaneous file transfer.

Freshbooks- for handling invoices:

You could no more miss out on invoices with freshbooks, a simple app built to handle basic accounts. Specifically targeted on small scale companies, it is interpretable and meant to be used.

Freshdesk-Customer management app:

This app will help you cater to the needs of your customers from anywhere. It integrates with your CRM for customer information and interacts proactively by responding to queries and customer feedback.

Click meeting-Conferencing App:

You could attend important meetings from wherever you are without having to compromise on your comfort. Click meeting helps businesses schedule meetings for people in various locations, record the meeting for reference, share information, and showcase presentations required for your business meeting.

Yodlee-The Finance management App:

Hold the reins of your business finance right away. Track every expense effectively and closely monitor bottlenecks to slash down expenditures.  Yodlee helps you do all this from the palm of your hand!

Get ahead and explore the possibilities to rule your business space with the latest mobile app development technologies!

Article by eGrove Systems – a US-based mobile app development company encompasses a bunch of technical talents, equipped with state-of-the-art competencies to help organizations gracefully scale through their mobility roadmap with utmost ease. We ensure to drill down and comprehend the requirement of organizations to deliver the best-suited mobile apps built on game-changing platforms for enterprises, start-ups, and SMBs. 

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When others were wondering with the idea of being digital, Swetha was enjoying her coffee working with digital devices. With the dynamism and creative blend, Swetha joined eGrove Systems and currently playing a role of Digital Marketing Manager. She has enjoyed various high-profile roles in the SEO industry and now helping eGrove accomplish many proudest accomplishments in the digital world.

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