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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Business Device

Many companies know how hard working their employees are. They know that a realistic work day is no longer the typical 9 to 5 hours. A lot of people bring their work home with them. That’s why more companies are capitalizing on the bring your own device (BYOD) trend. This means companies are now allowing employees to use their personal devices, such as their own smartphone or laptop, for work purposes.

BlackBerry business phone device

According to an infograph from PC Housing, business travelers work 240 hours more than the average American worker and tend to carry three to four devices, including a smartphone, laptop and tablet computer. It’s becoming clear that mobile dependence is a growing trend in business travel.

Companies are always looking for ways to increase productivity. That’s why employers are taking advantage of the BYOD trend. It satisfies both the employee and the employer. But there’s more to it than just having the right device. Employees also need the right business apps.

Here are a few apps that are sure to increase productivity for the businessperson on the go.


This is a great app for business people who have to keep track of finances. MyAccountant, which is only available at BlackBerry World, uses a detailed financial tracker to manage your budget. It can be used to check transaction history, balances, create recurring events for billing purposes and display data with interactive charts. The personal accountant app, available for $1.99, allows you to keep track of your expenses by exporting data and reports. MyAccountant has more than 200 category icons.


One of the most used business apps, EverNote allows you to save documents such as text notes, voice notes, images and Web pages for future use. The free app lets you collect different types of information into one, consolidated place. You can also work on projects and share notes with coworkers. Another great benefit to EverNote is that it allows you to keep all of your documents in sync, which gives you the freedom to access your files on any mobile device or computer.

DocuSign Ink

This eSignature platform app is extremely useful for the businessperson on the go. The DocuSign Ink app is integrated with Google, Dropbox and Salesforce. Once you receive a document that requires your signature, you can view the document title along with the recipients. You’ll then be able to sign the document, confirm it and save a copy of the file. The app is available for free at the Google Play Store, Windows Store and iTunes.

Google Drive

Another very popular business app is Google Drive. It allows you to upload hundreds of photos, videos and documents. These files will always be accessible through an Internet-connected device. This app is particularly useful for businesses that require multiple people to access and edit files at the same time. The instant collaboration app allows you to choose which files you want to share with which coworker. You can get started with up to 15GB of storage at no fee.


Having multiple programs or apps can mean you have numerous passwords. Vault is a great way to keep track of your passwords. The app, which costs $2.99, is a feature rich and secure password manager. It has features such as “Auto Destruct” and “Auto Logout” in the event that a device is lost or stolen. This app is just what you need in order to protect your sensitive data. 

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Jennifer Thayer is a freelance journalist who loves writing about technology. She enjoys showing readers how they can use devices like laptops and smartphones to make their lives easier. She is an editor at Follow Jennifer on Twitter: @TechyJen.



  1. harshi

    July 30, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Google Drive is the Best CLoud App that can be developed over years ! the bets in its class and brabdnding by google!

  2. Jennifer Thayer

    July 30, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    I agree. Google Drive has been a life saver! I use it every day.

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