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Coin vs. Google Wallet – Is The Extra Device Worth It?

A well reviewed gadget of 2013 was “Coin”, a virtually connected device that holds all the cards you carry on a regular basis while acting like a card itself.  It can work with your debit, credit, loyalty and membership cards if you chose, all combined in one credit card-sized tech tool.

As Jonathan Maxim reviewed the Coin, he explains the simplicity of the device and just how it can make life easier. And how, you ask? Well, imagine having just one card with you at all times, no more bulky wallets making indents in your back pocket and no more shuffling with receipts and different cards at the register while you make a decision. Not to mention the one aspect that makes it so unique; this amazing little device will notify your phone through Bluetooth if you have left it behind while shopping in a hurry.

google wallet

All in all it’s pretty cool, but are there other options out there that might outweigh the Coin? Let’s put Google Wallet on the table. This is a virtual wallet that is free, and is totally accessed through your mobile device. It has the same capabilities as Coin in that you can add any and all cards to the app in order to save space and rid yourself of the dreaded wallet, unlike the coin where there is a limit to how many cards can be accessed on the one device. And since our phones have become just another appendage, we already have it with us anyway, so in this case, there is no need to try and remember to slide a tiny little black card in our (hopefully secure) back pocket before we leave.

With Google Wallet you can purchase anything by scanning the phone while the app is up. You can send money, and receive money while then immediately spending it online or in a store.  The security is there as well. Both devices also have fraud protection where if the device is lost or stolen, your money is safe.

So what is the verdict? Well, Coin is a totally separate device that you still have to remember to carry…and in what? It also costs $100 and runs on a battery that has no way of being recharged. On the other hand, Google Wallet is found right in your phone (Androids and iOS), which we are all bound to be checking every two minutes on average anyway, it costs nothing extra, and as long as it’s not dropped to the bottom of the toilet or run over by an SUV, the wallet should always be accessible.

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Digital Communications at InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc. Jonathan covers small and medium business IT trends and technologies. He is based in Arlington, Virginia, where he is an active member in local tech MeetUps, such as DCtech, MoDev DC and Techbreakfast at AOL. Jonathan has been writing technical content since 2012, when he graduated from San Diego State's graduate school of business.rnFor more, please email [email protected] rn rn rn rn rn rn rn rn rn

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