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5 Mobile Marketing Tips To Attract New Customers

Holiday shoppers are the cherry on the cake for retailers. They deliver a surge in sales every year. What retailers miss out in this context is how to capitalize. Retailers hope that holiday shoppers will find them, and thus miss the benefits. In comparison, an active retailer takes position, places their products, and launches their target before seasonal customers and turn them into long-term buyers in the process.


So then, how do you reach customers on time? How do you grab these seasonal customers? How can your small business capitalize on holiday sales?

We live in the age of Smartphones

Consumers spend more time on their Smartphone devices and tablets. This is an open benefit for SMBs to shift their advertising strategy from offline to online rather going mobile.

Currently, around 4 billion people are active via Mobile and 25 percent of them via Smartphone’€™s while 3 billion have SMS or Text enabled facilities (according to Smart Insights). With more development in mobile technology, SMBs get new options to foster their sales. Over the past few years, many companies have taken mobile advertising to a new level, mixing it up with geo-targeting that helps to detect customers set within a particular radius while sending exclusive offers or messages to them.

Local restaurants, salons, spas, health clubs, flower boutiques, consumer goods, trip advisors etc provide daily deals and thus attract millions of customers. Thus, mobile marketing is giving huge opportunities to retailers so as to engage with customers 24/7, and in new, creative ways. The average consumer no longer sticks to product reviews or price comparison charts. Thus, to stay ahead retailers need to be smart on how to engage customers.

This blog post is going to share some trendy strategies to target customers during the holidays:

1. Tablets jig up more attention than Smartphones – Conversion rates from tablet users are 3% higher compared to Smartphone users. The eMarketer reports that 63% of tablet users buy products or services from their device while the count of Smartphone buyers is 39%.

2. Optimize mobile experience for customers -€“ Consumers who do not like your mobile website will seek out your competitors. Around 52% of customers€™ surveyed reveal that they have left a brand for poor mobile experience, and 48% complained that sites that were not mobile friendly. These negative online experiences makes it easier for customers to opt for alternative solutions. Thus, in order to give a superior customer experience, optimize your site for mobile viewing. You can make your website mobile friendly by:

  • Adding a click to call button to enable your potential customers to call your business directly from the mobile website.
  • Having a responsive website design to optimize the layout

3. SMS Marketing can improve the ROI margin – SMS helps us to stay connected with customers and earn their trust as long as the alerts stay relevant. Tempt your customers to sign for your SMS messages with QR and Promo Codes. Shipping facilities, delivery alerts, and reduced shipping costs can attract last minute shoppers to opt in with their phone numbers.

4. Google Wallet is trendier this season for smart retailers – With the rising popularity of Google Wallet, a growing number of online buyers have started to embrace it. It encourages online buyers to load loyalty cards, coupons and lots more. Start using email and SMS to introduce and promote Google Wallet to your subscribers and explain the benefits with appropriate call-to-action. Have a group within your SMB to measure the impact and track the increase in store sales via Google Wallet.

#5. In-store Wi-Fi facility will increase your sales opportunity – The rise of in-store Wi-Fi has allowed retailers to amplify their opportunity to increase sales.  This facility continues to evolve and help marketers to get hold of consumer behavioral pattern and interests with apt permission. Wi-Fi also help retailers to tie up with POS systems allowing them to close the loop on their journey generally, from pre-shopping communications during an in-store visit to post-shopping up-sell or cross-sell offers. Several leading retailers are offering exciting treats through in-store Wi-Fi and thus exploring the new facets of shopping.

This holiday season is going to be more mobile as most customers are going to stay connected through their Smartphone and Tablet. They will use their mobile device to view offers, compare shops in-store, purchase goods and register to different services.

So get on and start optimizing your mobile website to improve user experience in the upcoming holiday months.

Written By

Jason Smith is a talented author, a podcaster and a freelance graphic designer is presently residing in NYC. He shows keen interest in global economic changes, anything related to tech and social media. As a single dad, he often finds it hard to maintain the work-life balance but still manages to make time for his baby boy, his music band and golf partners! His creative wellsprings show no signs of running dry.



  1. Rohit

    January 6, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    I think email marketing will also work well for the mobile marketing, because today mostly everybody is holding a E-mail enabled smartphone, thus in this case new customers can easily get tempted by emails.

  2. Moumita Dasgupta

    January 9, 2014 at 7:21 am

    We live in the Smartphone era and thus young millennial who is our future customers is easy to connect via mobile or other smartphone device.

    Rohit, I agree that email marketing is a serious medium to promote your business it can jam up well with mobile marketing as young adults prefer to check their business mails via smartphones as they are on wheels and wants instant access to each of their daily needs.

  3. Donald Quixote

    March 3, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    I used to use an app that would place adds on the lock screen of the user. For each add viewed they would give the user a penny. I thought this was a great idea to market to smartphone users but the app kind of went belly up. I guess it didn’t really catch on.

  4. Pingback: 5 Mobile Marketing Tips To Attract New Customer...

  5. Kevin Davis

    May 5, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    I personally haven’t started using google wallet yet but I have, however, abandoned a retailer and gone with the competitor that had the better mobile site. I’ve also known friends that have left the store and gone elsewhere because an app told them it was cheaper across the street.

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