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Check Live Train Running Status to Reach the Station on Time

Live train status is one of the most useful tools for railway passengers as it lets you know the real-time location of your train, so you can adjust your travel plan accordingly.

Sometimes, you might have missed your train. There can be many reasons, but most people miss the train because they are unaware of the train status or reached the station late.

We have good news for you. Now you will never miss a train. With the Indian Train live train status app’s features, you get the train’s exact location, arrival, and departure time. This will help you to know the exact timing of the train and reach the platform earlier. So that you can board the train comfortably.

Let us know how you can spot your train accurately and board the train without a hassle.

Never Miss a Train with Live Train Running Status App

It takes a great effort to get on the train. Even if you have a confirmed IRCTC or Indian railway ticket, you cannot relax. The next challenge is to reach the railway station on time and take your berth comfortably. Yes, the procedure is not as simple as it appears. However, Indian Railways has made significant improvements and has taken necessary steps to make travel more convenient. You can do this by getting the live location of your train.

You can easily track your train online. The Indian Train app helps you circumvent the station’s hustle and bustle and catch the train in peace. You will know where the train has arrived and when will it reach a particular station. This has made it quite easy for the passengers who usually reach the railway station late and see that their train has already left the station.

Indian Train app has simplified the train journey for its passengers. It helps to know about live train status and the Railway PNR status. The best part is that you have all the information on your mobile phone with just a few clicks.

How can I know where is my train?

Live Train Status feature launched by Indian Railways tells you where your train is. It makes you informed whether your train will be on time or delayed. This is very simple and easy to get with the Indian Train app. You can check on this, plan your travel accordingly, and save time by not sitting in the waiting room or hurriedly reaching the station.

Here is a guide to knowing the live status of your train

  • For live train running status, download the Indian Train App.
  • Navigate to the “menu” section and choose “Train Live Status.”
  • Inputting the train number
  • Choose the train’s departure date from the three choices provided: Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow.
  • Tap the “Check Live Status” button.
  • The screen will show your train timetable and the current train status.

Indian Train: The Best spot for your Train app

Indian Train is an easy-to-use live interface that allows passengers to monitor the status of trains in real-time. You can find out your train location anytime, anywhere using the app. Indian Train has just emerged as a one-stop app for all railway inquiries concerns, transforming your travel into a delightful experience.

You just need to enter a train number or name to view the current operating status of Indian railway trains. It will return the accurate location of any train and its actual arrival and delay status. The AI-based algorithm in Indian Train’s train tracking system detects a train. As a result, you will always know the location of your train.

Indian Train traces and tracks your train using real-time Geolocation and mapping, Machine Intelligence technology, and highly technical computing. It derives a reliable estimate from its vast train operating status back-end database, containing complete and accurate train details.

Train running status with live updates

Trips are easier to organize when prepared with a smartphone that provides real-time train status. The Current Train Running Status App accessible on the internet makes checking online train status very simple. Before you leave for the station, you may check the train’s status and plan your next step. With the internet and mobile at your fingertips, you can keep uncontrollable panic under control.

No more irritating worries about the arrival of the train. You can fast-track your train and plan the entire itinerary. Unnecessary waiting at the platform is a thing of the past. Checking train status online has now become a common routine for train passengers.

It gives live updates about:

  • Date of Journey
  • List of Station Names the train covers
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)
  • Expected platform number
  • Halt time at each station
  • Current station/location of the train

Why is it necessary to continuously check live train status on the day of travel?

This is important so that you do not miss your train. This is because it updates you about the running status of the train, whether it is on time or late. The status of the train is updated every second depending on its speed. So you should check the status updates regularly. This information allows you to save time and prepare more effectively.

How does Indian Train determine the correct ETA?

An ETA is the estimated time of arrival of a train at an incoming station. Indian Train provides the most exact ETA forecast of any website or application. Indian Train predicts the ETA using a data mining technique based on the train’s actual running records. Trains, too, need time to recuperate As a result, the train delay at the next stoppage may be less than that recorded from the previous station. We recommend that you schedule your journey ahead of time with the Indian Train app.


Indian Train app is an efficient, reliable, and popular app used to determine a train’s exact position, location, operating status, route, distance, duration, and platform number. Start using this application now so you never miss a train.

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