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The State Of SEO According To Latest Algorithm Updates And Reports

It is all due to the latest algorithm updates that the state of SEO in these modern days has changed for the better. As per the reports, it has now entered into the most competitive landscape that is ever-changing. SEO experts and marketers need to adopt these changes fast.

According to reports, it is also known that Google changes its algorithm more than 600 times every year. According to a tweet by Google itself, it is confirmed that every day they bring about a couple of changes in its algorithm to ensure better performance by it and better ranking of the sites that deserve it.

For SEO agencies such as Tayloright New York and others, it is really hard to keep up with these changes. However, the SEO agencies need to adapt to these changes so that they can ensure that the sites are consistent and improve their rankings continually to gain more organic traffic.

It is not possible to achieve this feat today simply by following the steps that you took about five years ago. You will certainly not get the results that you expect, and even if you do, they will not last forever.

Destined for people

Therefore, with such changes coming in daily along with the significant updates that are in the works, SEO is destined to keep on changing as it always has to keep up with the changes in the behavior of consumers.

Ideally, the Google search engine and its algorithm are designed for users, not for marketers. In today’s landscape, you simply cannot stuff those keywords anymore and expect that you will achieve a top rank in the result pages of the search engines.

Today you will have to:

Choose more meaningful keywords

Put them in at the appropriate places and insert the keywords at the proper distance if you are using multiple keywords. It is essential today to provide more meaningful experiences for users. This plays a key role in the success of the keyword as well as achieving the top rank in the search results. In short, you will need to create content that will solve the user’s problems much more easily, faster, and in a more efficient manner.

Mobile and page speed

This is the era of mobile, and a lot depends on the responsiveness of a site as to what type of search engine optimization it will have. It is also an era of delivering things to users quickly to ensure a better user experience. That means your pages should not only fit on the small screens of mobile phones, but they should also load quickly.

Google, as of late, has come up with a few major changes to help users achieve this. These changes will, in turn, change the way we conduct SEO practices in 2019 and beyond.

If you take a look just five years back, mobile SEO was simply an afterthought. All you have to do to optimize your site is:

Write keyword-rich content

Use schema markup and include metadata. However, it is now required that you dynamically update your site to ensure better mobile usage so that you can capture that extra bit of mobile traffic that is essentially needed to enable your site to reach out to a larger audience.

It is required for you to know your mobile-friendly crowd, ensure a mobile-friendly site, and you will see traffic flood in.

The Changes noticed

With time, mobile traffic has changed in terms of nature and behavior.

Therefore, to keep up with the changing times, you will not only need to focus on the analysis of the desktop reports. You must also shift your focus towards reviewing your mobile reports as well.

If you look at the reports from 2016, you will see that mobile traffic started to make up a more substantial portion when considering the overall usage of the internet worldwide as compared to desktop traffic.

As mobile traffic increased over time, users realized it was time to shift their perspectives from desktop-first to mobile-first.

This is exactly what Google is doing with its mobile-first index. This index is predicted to account for 79% of mobile traffic, taking the entire Internet traffic by the end of this year.

Google realized that mobile was dominating the search engine and initially announced the mobile-first index in November 2016. This proved to be a correct assumption, as most people now use a mobile device to search for information and news on Google.

The Content of the pages

Given such a change in the scenario, the ranking system will fail to deliver better results if it continues to look at the desktop version of the content of a page.

This will not result in a proper evaluation of the relevance of the content to the user. This will also cause serious issues with the ranking if the mobile page has far less content than the desktop pages.

The algorithm will not be able to evaluate the actual page that is typically seen by the mobile searcher. To remove this disconnect and prevent bad experiences for users, it is necessary to have optimized mobile pages.

Final thoughts

If Google did not make these changes, it would not be able to rank the mobile pages. As a result, there would have been a significant drop in the number of mobile users not searching with Google. It will surely affect the SEO results due to the slow speed of the sites as well as the unoptimized mobile pages.

Therefore, you can see that this is a pretty significant shift to ensure that the SEO results are up to the demands of these modern times. Such changes have provided the SEO industry with a lot of questions that were previously left unanswered.

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