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Can App Technology Propel Your Business Growth? Trends & Future Prospects

Running and growing your own business is not easy-peasy. As a strenuous entrepreneur, it’s requisite to be able to focus on the business anywhere. With the emergence of various mobile OS technologies, such as Windows, iOS, and Android, mobile business applications are widely becoming a rudimentary necessity for every brand.

No matter if you’re running a small business or a big corporate, an eCommerce store or a leading magazine, every business – at somewhere, will need to consider building their mobile app to expand the market growth and fuel conversion ratio. In the last couple of years, we witnessed several thousand businesses picking out business mobile apps – specifically for Android and iOS platforms. I recently went through this guide from Genie Recycling – “50 Ways to Make Extra Money in Time for Christmas” and found that some apps even pay $$$ per job to check prices in store.

A study conducted in March 2017 found that there were 2.2M apps available in Apple App Store and 2.8M apps in Google Play Store. According to Statista, mobile apps are estimated to generate around 189 billion $$$ revenue from app stores and advertising by 2020.

Screenshot from Statista

MacFly Pro under their 50 Interesting Facts and Stats About Apple Users post, wrote that there are about 588M Apple users worldwide and 2016 has seen the growth of over 50% in Apple Pay Transactions.

Screenshot from MacFly Pro

In the past six years, non-gaming apps on iTunes App Store grew astonishingly. The below chart shows the growth of gaming and business iOS apps in iTunes store from July 2008 to July 2017.

Screenshot from Statista

The Requirement

Thanks to the smartphones and the rapidly growing edge of app these days, users admire every functionality at their fingertips. From customer relationship to allowing paying online, mobile applications can act as a significant player in the growth of your business. It’s completely changing the way customers used to interact with brands, and if you’re not utilizing this medium, you’re going wrong.

The bottom line is – you need an app. In the era of the full extent of online DIY tools, you shouldn’t be distressed due to the hourly high pricing of top-notch developers. You can find a good app builder which can get you a fine mobile app matching your needs.

Have a start by putting your objects on the paper and then prioritizing them. Any successful deployment relies on the following key areas:

  • How are you going to engage customers with the app?
  • The display modes of services and the support level.
  • Your promotion strategies to achieve maximum online sales.

Swell the Chances of Being Visible

People spend more time on their smartphones than on PCs or laptops. It’s your turn to make adjustments in the marketing strategies and cash-in the mobile trend. Apparently, your services will be perceived by umpteen users if you have a strong mobile presence. Make sure your brand logo, name, visuals, and services are clear-cut on the screen throughout the app’s display.

Smart Marketing

Do you know the awesome truth about mobile marketing? – It is globalized. You do not need to feed only local buyers. Beacon, Geofencing and similar GEO location based technologies allow you to engage buyers contextually. The app analytics insights will guide you intelligently toward targeting your ideal customers globally. You can leverage the preferences of specific customers and meet their particular needs through the news feed, product specifications, discounts, pricing, and other features.

Branding Aspects

The more you get appeared, the more you sell. Makes Logic? A business can create a long-lasting impression as a result of staying in front of numerous eyes. Visibility is the core contributor to brand your image and in this mobile era, apps will draft a better picture.

Find and implement some interactive ways to get people involved in your app directly. The more often they get engaged, the more you’ll get product views you sell. In advertising field, experts term it “effective frequency” – The number of times a buyer must be exposed to the product before the purchase is made or denied.

Magnifying Customer Involvement

This is closely related to reaching out customers far as well as wide. On the other hand, there must be a quick way for clients to get back to you. If you’re not quick, you may lose orders. Your mobile application thus comes very effectively enabling this mode of reaching facilely. All great apps have a help section where customers can put their concerns, complaints, orders or questions.

Customer Loyalty made with an ease

Uber is a leading example of running loyalty programs to retain clients. How many customers come back to you for a 2nd or 3rd-time purchase? Customer loyalty can be successful when you prominently remind your customers about current deals, offers, and your products. Remember, the internet is a crammed market – there are tons of advertisements, banner ad, flyers, and coupons. You need to stand out from the crowd with your creativity.

Wrapping It Up

App technology can’t replace traditional websites. They have their own importance but, don’t neglect the business growth with the use of mobile power. Start optimizing it, consider all the aspects of usability factors, and apply A/B split tests for further improving it. You know it, there is always a room for improvement every time; start cashing it for your business growth.

Written By

Shyam Bhardwaj is the Senior SEO Analyst specialized in search engine optimization and marketing.

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