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Breaking Down Controversial Web Hosting Myths That’s Keeping Your Blog Down

blog hostingA blog will never be a success without a reliable web hosting running it. The performance and speed of a blog is dependent on the quality of web hosting you purchased.

This aspect in web development is rarely discussed, which is why misinformation about web hosting has become widespread.

In order to prevent yourself from taking up unsolicited advice online about web hosting, below are some of the more unpopular web hosting myths that must be debunked. This way, you will be able to choose the appropriate web hosting for your blog depending on your needs.

“Unlimited” bandwidth

Everything comes at a price, even web hosting. Therefore, when hosting services claim that they provide “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth, then you need to know what they mean with this.

To debunk this myth, we need to define the terms involved. ‘Bandwidth’ can mean two things: one refers to the transfer of data from the server to the browser for the website to load; the other refers to the amount of data transferred within a certain period of time.

The myth here comes when unlimited bandwidth refers to the former because it is virtually impossible to have unlimited speed. Therefore, what hosting services mean with unlimited bandwidth is that you can upload and downtime as many files as you can within a period of time.

The same cannot be said about unlimited disk space. Purchasing a premium hosting service with unlimited space means you can save as many files as humanly possible without hitting the limit because there is none!

Cheap web hosting providers suck

We associate “cheap” with poor quality. However, this is not always the case. There are proven hosting services out there that offer affordable packages. It ultimately depends on what you intend to achieve from your hosting.

For small businesses and startups setting up a website for the purpose of building their online presence, hosting services featured in this post are considered as the best ones available even if they only charge $5US for a decent web hosting space.

The only time website owners will have to shell out hefty money for a web hosting service is when their websites generates thousands of traffic in a short amount of time. In this case, they will need to purchase a managed or dedicated hosting services, both of which provide optimum performance for websites regardless of the amount of traffic they receive.

In the meantime, consider the myth about cheap web hosting debunked!

There is such a thing as a perfect web hosting

Let’s get one thing straight – there is no such thing as a “perfect” web hosting service. If you refer to user reviews, you will never see a web hosting provider that tallies a perfect score. Browsing through reviews from two of the best web hosting services in the market – Web Hosting HUB and In Motion Hosting Inc. – and you will see that there are earnest reviews that give a low score based on their personal experiences.

What this means is that all web hosting services are not made equal. Some will work better for certain groups of people, and the same thing goes with other hosting providers for other groups.

As a potential customer, your job is to discern which among the web hosting providers is the right one for you. Reading up on user reviews will reveal to you unhelpful and unwarranted opinions that you should discredit from your research.

Managing a web hosting is a pain in the ass

The purpose of a web hosting is to provide webmasters an online space to install their CMS or blogging platform and save their website files. Once you have installed your platform of choice, which is as easy as it can get judging from this 5-Minute WordPress Installation Guide, you’re good to go.

The only time you’ll need to manage your hosting is when you need to manage the databases, domains, and mail accounts from your different domains, among others. These can be easily tweaked from your cPanel dashboard.

If and when your website isn’t running properly because of your hosting provider, you can reach out to your provider’s customer support team to resolve the problem.

Judging from these tasks, web hosting management should never be a problem to anyone. Granted, technically-challenged website owners will undergo a learning curve to understand how web hosting works. Nonetheless, your hosting provider should provide you a seamless experience of running your website through it.

Final thoughts: At its very core, web hosting serve a very basic purpose for website owners and bloggers. The debunked myths above should make web hosting much easier to understand even for beginners.

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1 Comment

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