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Facilities of Web Hosting

There is no website without web hosting. The term refers to the provision of storage space on the Internet and the storage of Internet pages on the server of a provider.

The prerequisite for this is that a powerful computer – the web server – is online around the clock. Only in this way can users retrieve the stored content at any time and from anywhere in the world. Web hosting is offered as a service by web hosts or providers such as check domain.

How does web hosting work?

The web host acts as a kind of landlord providing users with a web server connected to the network as well as storage space (web space) for their projects.

The server ensures that the information requested by a client computer of a user – for example, a website – can be retrieved. The contents of the Web-hosted server are linked to the network. Only then will the exchange of data become possible.

What is web hosting?

From shared cheap hosting to the dedicated server

Web hosting is available in different categories, according to the different needs and needs of the users.

The most common and cheapest option is shared hosting. The files of a customer are hosted with many other websites on a common server.

Sharing the large total capacity keeps costs low while still delivering good performance. Most web hosting packages are based on shared hosting.

This solution is recommended for all small to medium-sized online projects. It is crucial that the hosting provider ensures that the server is not overloaded and the burden is evenly distributed.

The customer area of check domain

Cloud hosting goes one step further: Here, the virtual capacity of several physical servers are combined. This results in a high scalability: When traffic peaks a server to the limits, the resources of the other servers are accessed. Cheap cloud hosting is usually used for larger projects and by large companies for special applications.

As a user of a virtual private server, you also share a server with other website operators. In contrast to shared hosting, however, there is a fixed distribution of the total server capacity. This means an increase in costs and responsibility for the shared own server. On the other hand, optimal performance is guaranteed.

The most exclusive variant is a Dedicated Server. In this solution, only the files of a user or a Web project are on the server.

The safety and technical performance are correspondingly high. Disadvantages are the high costs and the requirements of their own technical knowledge.

What makes a good web hosting?

If a web hosting package is booked, this usually contains a separate domain, suitable e-mail addresses and a traffic quota as basic elements in addition to the web space.

What is necessary and sensible beyond these basics depends on the individual requirements of the user. Additional services can be, for example, homepage kits, virus protection, software installers or even SSL certificates.

Providers offer the packages mostly in tiered versions so that each user finds the ideal solution for himself. At check domain, for example, selecting Start 4.0 for all newcomers to Business 4.0 will be enough for large companies that need multiple domains and a large storage space.

When comparing different web hosts, one should pay attention to how many and which domains are included in a web hosting package.

Further criteria are a traffic flat rate, a fair cost-benefit ratio, technical reliability and competent and easily accessible support.

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1 Comment

  1. David Cross

    August 2, 2018 at 7:04 am

    Jane, this is a great piece of content and it is definitely a good resource for beginners to learn how to choose a good hosting for their business website.
    You have mentioned DelightHosting in your article. Is this company good for hosting a business site?

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