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Beyond eLearning – Virtual Classroom in 2019

Who, in the world, is not aware of the learning trend that technology brought with itself – eLearning? With the rise of the smartphone era, the physical divide between books and education was dissolved forever and for good.

In fact, according to an article posted on Growth Engineering’s website, 89% of smartphone users download mobile applications, out of which, 50% are for education and learning. With this current situation of electronic ways of studying, there is a vast straightforward audience for modern learning technology.

Nevertheless, eLearning’s process of conquering the learning methods has reached new levels now. The new trend in the online education arena is the concept of remote learning.

It is general knowledge that a person’s learning capabilities get enhanced when he or she involved in the study

Simply put, remote learning occurs when the learner and the instructor are dissociated by distance (and time) when the learning process takes place. And thanks to digital technology, a virtual classroom like this is as practical today, as physical classrooms.

Let us take a look at how this made possible with technology.

The technology behind virtual classrooms:

The numerous advantages of online learning are not new to any of us. Online learning courses save time, they are flexible, they can be customised, they are highly convenient. But the one thing they do not quite take care of is real-time assistance with a topic.

Though, the good news is that now we have a solution to this as well – Remote learning or Virtual classrooms. These are platforms that allow learners to collaborate digitally and study in an interactive manner. This builds up participation and helps every learner in reaching his or her full potential.

But how is this virtual classroom made real? The answer to this lies in a complex software made simple for the users – a virtual whiteboard.

Of course, we are all familiar with simple whiteboards that are used in traditional classrooms as a means of interacting and communicating with the learners in order to explain concepts. Virtual whiteboards are the same, but with a twist.

Along with a surface to scribble things, virtual whiteboards give the user the capability of sharing documents, having audio conferences, image search, drawing tools, chat ability and much more. The biggest advantage of these online whiteboards, that allows them to become a virtual classroom platform, is their real-time functionality.

These realtime boards help the learner in holding a classroom session from the comfort of their homes with all the advantages that eLearning courses have to offer and more.

And with superior data security and data encryption in place, the use of a virtual whiteboard can be expanded to the official training of remote employees in an organisation. The applications can be imagined beyond limits for this easy platform.

In conclusion

When we have advanced technology at our dispense to make the most out of our online learning courses, why not do it right? Be it in learning institutes, private coaching, remote training, official collaborations or even simple meeting can be made highly interactive with these online Whiteboards.

It is up to us, how we put them to their best use.

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