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Betting on eSports: Tips to Start Off on the Right Foot

Electronic Sports or eSports refers to playing multiplayer video games competitively. You’ve probably heard of League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, or Counter-Strike Go.

Well, those games aren’t just for fun. The eSports industry has turned them into a multi-billion-dollar business. a few years ago, you’d be viewed as a nerd if you took playing any of these games seriously.

Now, however, there’s lots of money to be made, both as a player and as a bettor. Maybe you’re an experienced sports bettor looking to explore the exciting new frontier of eSports wagering. Or maybe you’re someone who has never placed a bet in their life but want to start doing so on video games. Either way, here are some useful tips to increase your chances of winning:

Play the game you plan to bet on

Unlike football, baseball, and other physical sports, you might not be able to fully comprehend the scope of a game or how good a player is unless you know the game in question inside-out.

While some of the most popular eSports have simple rules, they feature complex mechanics that take hours on end to master. Being able to spot players who are good at a certain game will let you make a wiser decision when placing a bet.

Go on multiple betting sites

Not all websites offer an advanced solution for live matches, so finding a few that do can be quite tricky.

Furthermore, different betting sites have different odds and wagers set in place, so you’ll also need to take that aspect into consideration.

If you’re patient enough, you might even find a website that offers significantly more bonuses if you guess the correct outcome of a match. So don’t limit yourself to just one offering. Do your research instead.

Get to know the teams and players’ history

With so many competitors for every popular eSport, it can be quite hard to spot the ones who show true potential.

For that, you will need to do your research as well. Did a certain player use cheating software in the past? Have they been disqualified from a competition for any reason? If so, you might want to refrain from putting your hopes up in them.

In contrast, players who have a clean rep sheet and that have won more than 75% of the matches they partook in are more likely to win the game. And because of this, placing a bet on such players is the safest way to go.

Bet when the match is nearing its end

You should always livestream matches so that you can get a sense of which players are in shape and which ones don’t have the best day of their life.

From there, you could predict the flow of the match and make a wiser decision if you watch it live. As for the most reliable streaming sites for eSport matches, you can check out Twitch.

See what the gaming community has to say

Gamers are very active online. If you search long enough, you’ll find tens of forums dedicated to a single game.

Not only that, but you’re likely to also stumble on Facebook groups or subreddits dedicated to a certain eSport. Make sure to follow each of these sites and subsites to stay up to date with the community. Often times, these people can predict wins and losses far better than individual bettors.

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