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Best Work-From-Home Tips and Tricks

For many people, working from home is a great alternative to commuting to the office. It offers flexibility, a comfortable environment, and a greater work/life balance. However, creating an ideal work-from-home setup can be difficult. To create an efficient and comfortable work-from-home setup, consider these tips.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

While working from the kitchen table to the couch, and then back to the table may appeal to some, a dedicated workspace has many benefits. By identifying your workspace, you are able to divide your “home” space from your “work” space. This divide can support greater work/life balance as well as efficiency. It allows you to hone into your work and minimizes the distractions that arise with a rotating workspace. Your work-from-home setup should allow for privacy while also providing ample space for your equipment.

Organize Your Work

Don’t neglect an organizational system for your work from home office space. Most corporate office spaces provide employees with a personal storage cabinet and other various storage solutions. Your work from home space should be equally as organized—if not more so. A defined organizational system can prevent any accidental overlap between work and personal paperwork or equipment.

Personalize Your Space

A great benefit of working from home is the freedom to personalize your office space. While you want to avoid cluttering your workspace, a few pictures/posters, or decorative pieces can help brighten your workstation. Consider motivational posters or cheerful pictures to help keep you encouraged while at work.

Consider the Camera

While work from home may be more laid back, you still want to appear professional. If your team meets online, you may be expected to turn your camera on. Your personal appearance, as well as the appearance of your workstation, speak to your professionalism as an employee.

Things to look out for include:

  • Clutter in the background
  • A window behind you that distorts the camera image
  • Distracting surroundings
  • Other people surrounding you, such as family members
  • Noisy pets
  • Poor lighting

Invest in Your Health

Consider investing in ergonomic furniture and technology to support your long-term health. Ergonomic chairs, desks, keyboards, and mice can make your work from the home office more comfortable and better for your physical wellbeing. If you are sitting for long periods of time, consider setting reminders to get up and move your body. If space is limited in your office, there are small stepper machines available to get your body moving—without sacrificing floor space.

Upgrade Your Wifi

A reliable home network is crucial for an effective work environment. To avoid the inconvenience of lagging video calls and slow searching, consider upgrading your home Wifi. By optimizing your Wifi, you can receive many benefits, including:

  • Extended Wifi coverage
  • Decreased latency
  • Faster streaming
  • Greater downloading capabilities
  • Greater reliability

You can also invest in panoramic pods to support wall-to-wall coverage. This way, you won’t suffer from any dead zones in your home or office.

Use Tech Accessories

Make the most of your work-from-home experience with tech accessories. There are many tech accessories for your workspace that can enhance your office, productivity, and style. Wireless, noise-canceling headphones may be ideal if you have pets or loud neighbors. Laptop stands provide a space-conscious solution to protect your eyes, neck, and back. Other options include wireless keyboards, Bluetooth mice, and desk lights made for those video calls.

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