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Struggling to Protect Your Device and Stay Focus Working from Home? You Can Try these Gadgets

Working from home is advantageous. You get to spent time with your family (if you have one) and work in a convenient and relaxed environment. However, it is said that there is no advantage without a form of a hurdle. When working from home, there is a nagging reminder to protect your device while also focusing on the task at hand. Some gadgets protect your device while trying to stay focused on your job. This guide contains examples of such gadgets. Read on to discover more!

Twelve South Suitcase for MacBook

Apple products are one of the trending devices available today. They are also sophisticated and expensive. Little wonder people are worried about protecting their apple devices.

Twelve south suitcases are also sophisticated gear for Apple users. It is the right combination of style and protection for your MacBook. Built only for MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, it is minimalist and allows maximum movement for your device (opening and closing it).  In other words, you can use your Laptop while it is still fitted with the suitcase thus helping it remain in pristine condition. When open, the suitcase is held securely against the MacBook without interfering with its display using Twelve South’s innovative suspension system.


Available in two sizes for MacBook Pro/Air (13in and 16in), this suitcase is made of breathable material to allow your device ventilation and a recessing leather handle for support. It is also slim-built with the exact fit for your device (so there is no room for wobbling movements within the jacket). Its three-layer protection is designed to protect precious Macbooks from scratches, bumps, water damage, and more. In addition, the exterior and thermoform shell is water-resistant, while the interior is hard enough to provide maximum support for your MacBook.

In case you are worried about keeping your files and document, twelve south suitcases have an inner pocket in the interior of the upper flap where you can keep those.

When using a MacBook, it is only wise to use matching protective gear, designed perfectly for it.


Tech Break

One of the drawbacks of technology is the fact that many of us tend to find it difficult to switch off especially when we should, for example, when spending time with the family, outside working hours, on vacation, and so on. If that sounds like you, then a Tech-Break could just be the solution for you!

Tech-Break is truly a break from technology. It allows you to take a break from your gadgets including your laptop and other devices so that you can enjoy quality time with your friends and family while protecting your device at the same time. You can think of it as a form of safe for your device. Not only does it protect your gadget from your kids, but it also keeps you away from it. Think of it as a sort of ‘confiscation’ of your electronic gadgets from you, by you, at any time of your choosing.


Tech-Break is compact-built like a box to fit in with your home interior. It has two shelves for storing devices as well as a ventilation system to prevent your gadget from overheating and also comes with slots for charging cables so that you can charge your devices while locked away, how good is that!

How it works

Tech-Break’s customisable timer comes with three kinds of mode buttons namely, the hour mode, the bedtime mode, and the 24 hours mode.

The hour mode tucks your gadget away at strategic times, like during meals and lessons. It only takes one press per hour to keep it away.

The bedtime mode covers nighttime and breakfast, approximately 10 hours in a day to be free from your device.

The 24 hours mode rides you of your device once a week. Like the hour mode, it takes one press for each day to keep your device protected until the timer runs out.

Once the timer’s count down is complete, the door opens automatically.

Bottom Line

Keeping your devices and those of other members of your household safe as well as protecting them from your kids is ideal for your device’s longevity and to enjoy more time socialising together without any distractions from technology.


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