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Beginner Challenge: Avoid 7 Common Mistakes While Playing Rummy

A good game of rummy can refresh any boring day. Along with being an excellent stress-buster, this game is fun and interesting to play. Sometimes, unknowingly, people make foolish mistakes and end up losing the game. You wouldn’t want to be on that side of the turf, do you?

Hence, it would help if you remember the rules of rummy 13 card games to win. But again, there are other common mistakes which you should avoid while playing the game:

1. Stocking Too Many Jokers

Sometimes, knowing the basic rules of rummy13 card games will not be enough. If you are just beginning to play, you will surely have this craze for jokers. You might want to stock more jokers, hoping to win the game sooner. However, it is a huge mistake!

When you play rummy, you should prioritize making a pure sequence first. If you keep on stocking joker cards, you may lose the game even before the pure sequences are assembled.

2. Making Sets Before Pure Sequence

Apart from the rules of rummy 13 card games, your priority for a sure short win is to form a pure sequence and a real sequence. It does not make sense to create sets before these two are ready. Avoid making the mistake of preparing sets first, as it will prevent you from completing the requisite sequences. Eventually, it will lead to your downfall in the game while your opponent declares and wins.

Instead, try out various permutations and combinations to make a pure sequence with your high point cards, low cards, or middle cards. Check out numerous options available. You may even use pulled out jokers for their value in pure sequences simply to complete it.

3. Not Evaluating Cards Properly

Prevention is better than cure. The same can be applied to rummy. Avoid proceeding with the game without thorough scrutiny of the hand dealt to you. A grave error! Take some time to evaluate the cards and arrange them in colors. Although no one should give up and accept challenges head-on, opting out might be the only resort in some dire situations. If forming the sequences does not look viable, consider dropping the game.

4. Picking from the Discard Pile

Be wise and understand that your opponent will be observing your moves keenly. You can strategize to avoid picking up cards from the discard pile. While you notice their cards, let them get confused by your moves. However, if it becomes necessary for you to pick a card from the discard pile, make sure that you have a pure sequence in place first.

5. Not Dropping Even with a Bad Hand

Dropping a weak hand is not cowardice but holding onto one is definitely an egoistic move. Try and understand that if you drop at the beginning of the game, the penalty to be paid will be minimal. Even if you quit mid-way through the game, the penalty will be only half of what you would pay if you lose the game. So, make a suitable choice and quit if you think playing the game further is pointless and there are higher chances of losing.

6. Not Going by Intuition

Although not a part of the 13 card game rummy rules, intuition should be your priority move. Rely on your gut feeling at times when you plan a move. Sometimes, it helps you understand if there are chances of winning or not. Usually, rummy players develop intuitive skills that help them handle their game well. You should do that too and follow your heart to avoid losing the game.

Careless Declaration

Sounds strange as it might, but a wrong declaration is a common slip. If it happens, though, instead of winning, you will end up losing by 80 points. As per the rules of rummy 13 card games, a full hand is of 80 points. So, play the game patiently and arrange your card groupings properly at the end. Double-check just to be sure, and then make a valid declaration.

Avoid These Mistakes to be in a Win-Win Situation

Make sure that when you play, you do not overlook these mistakes. Any one of them will land you in trouble, especially when you are playing cash games. If you want to practice your strategies before leaping into tournaments or cash games, you can play on popular websites like Adda52Rummy. Win cash prizes and gain experience at the gaming portal by playing their free matches.

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