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Professional Gaming: 6 Easy Steps to Becoming a Pro Gamer In 2021

Is becoming a pro-gamer your New Year resolution? Well, your dreams are valid. You can make it to the top charts and become one of the greatest pro gamers in the industry. All you need is the right gear, someone to guide you, and the tips we are about to share in this article.

With various platforms offering e-sports tournaments, developing a career as a pro gamer should not be challenging. Before reaching out for Intertops casino bonus for the weekend, you can take some time to go through this simple guide to becoming a pro gamer.

1. Choose your game wisely 

The first step to becoming a professional gamer is choosing what games you want to specialize in. It will take you time to win your first tournament if only you choose the right game. With a platform like Xbox at your disposal, you can easily compete in various e-sports with other professional and skilled players. All you have to do is choose a game you are more experienced at.

Some popular games in the market include Hearthstone, Fortnite, Dota2, Heroes of the Storm, and League of Legends.

Most competitive games are grouped under first-person shooters, real-time strategy, sports, fighting, racing, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Most gamers go for MOBA because they attract higher rewards per win. If you are out to make money, you want to sharpen your skills in some of the most lucrative MOBA games like Dota 2 and Fortnite.

2. Choose between pro gaming and streaming 

Today, there are different ways you can make money as a pro gamer. Before streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch came into the limelight, you had to be exceptionally perfect in gaming to earn some bucks from the hobby. However, with innovations, it is now easy to make money as a gamer. You can post live streams on Twitch and YouTube to entertain an audience and make some money at the comfort of your home.

Streamers and competitive gamers are all regarded as professionals gamers as long as they make some money or earn a living from the industry. So, before you switch to pro gaming, you might also consider streaming online to earn some money.

Most streamers on Twitch and YouTube started as competitive gamers in most tournaments, so that is something you should also consider when you choose a career in e-sports gaming.

3. Register for an e-sports program 

There are universities and colleges offering e-sports programs for students and those willing to pursue a professional gaming career. If you want to start as a competitive gamer, you should not hesitate to take such courses. Always ensure the institution you register with is authorized by NACE to offer e-sports programs.

By registering for e-sports programs from a recognized institution, you can access all the resources you need to compete favorably with other experienced gamers. Additionally, most colleges have their special e-sports leagues you can join and compete nationally. This way, you sharpen your on-stage skills as you get ready for the real world of pro gaming.

4. Sharpen your skills by practicing at home 

If you want to become a professional gamer this year, you must be willing to make your hands dirty. The only way out is to practice to perfect your on-stage skills. Watch a lot of gameplay from top gamers on Twitch and learn how to lose a video game. Yes, even when you lose, you learn some useful tactics you can apply when you finally go pro.

It is possible to become a pro gamer when you practice at home. Learn some new tactics and moves from home before inviting other players to join you.

5. Get the right gear 

A professional gamer knows that having a complete gaming gear is a vital step to becoming the best gamer. When starting with console games, all you need is a PlayStation, Xbox, a mechanical keyboard, and a mouse. You should get equipment with the right sensitivity to allow you to test your gaming skills comfortably without lagging.

Some video games require speed and quick decision making, and once your keyboard is a bit slow, you are not likely to counter your opponents and win the game. Ensure you buy a computer that can show all the essential game graphics and run the games smoothly without slowing down.

Always verify the size, form, and sensitivity of the gaming equipment before buying it. Lastly, you should practice using your peripherals so that you are more used to them. Carry the same equipment when you go for on-stage competitions.

6. Join a gaming team and become a pro gamer 

When you have the right equipment and skills to compete on-stage, you should not hesitate to join a team. If you want to stand out from the rest of the gamers in the industry, you must be willing to network with other gamers. Build a reputation in the e-sports community by reaching out to gaming enthusiasts on social forums and becoming a gaming streamer on Twitch.

When the time is ready to start your career in pro gaming, you can start by joining leagues like ESEA, MLG, and ESL. Keep up the spirit to become a pro gamer. Win as many games as you can, and don’t forget to take someone through the same journey when you finally make it to the leader board.

Final Thoughts 

There is a lot you will enjoy in pro gaming once you build a reputation in the industry. It takes a while to reach the top, but with dedication, you can make it happen. Get your gear ready and have someone to mentor you through the journey.

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