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Are You Creating Mobile Web Design!? Here Are Some Do’s & Don’ts

In the present world, mobile web design has to be efficient and user-friendly. Half of the population use mobile phones to access the Internet. Considering this, it becomes essential to create a mobile version for your website. High-tech smart phones have made it possible for users to browse the web from anywhere or any hour of the day. Internet access is therefore not confined to personal computers, notebooks and laptops since nowadays, mobile devices are enriched with versatile features and comes with diverse bandwidth capabilities.

Many a times, users feel displeased and may exit the website even without taking a look at the services and products it offers. This is certainly a matter of big concern for online businesses if visitors do not notice their offered products and services. In such situations, one cannot but imagine how to make visitors into powerful buyers. If you create a mobile version of your website, then you can make your organization more popular in diverse parts of the world. But, you should keep it in mind that the task of developing a mobile version of your website requires proper planning.

Let’s consider the following do’s and don’€™ts:


  1. Right from the first stage of a mobile web design, you should keep your goals and objective clear. You must not forget your prime aims during the madness of promoting your business as it will assist you to accomplish your commercial goals.
  2. There are a number of layouts and browsers, so you should make your mobile design compatible to ensure more customers for your business.
  3. The Internet works differently on a mobile website as compared to a personal computer. Therefore, a web designer should make sure that it works properly on all browsers and operating systems.
  4. You must remain focused to design a website which can be accessed by people easily. Make sure that features like tapping and zooming work properly on your mobile website.
  5. After completing the design aspect of your website, you should conduct a complete examination ensuring that it is fully accessible.
  6. Before you launch your website, you must not forget to ask for feedback of your family and friends to modify the site accordingly.


  1. Some people might think, if they get their website designed recently, then it can be accessed on mobile devices easily. This is certainly a disastrous belief, for which you may have to pay a heavy price.
  2. Business owners who think that all website visitors want to use the mobile version of their website are absolutely wrong. Therefore, you must not think of making your website merely mobile accessible.
  3. There are still many users who are more interested in accessing the original version of a website as the loading speed of a website on mobile phone screens remains slow.


In order to strike a balance between your mobile phone and computer customers, you must follow the above list of crucial do’€™s and don’€™ts. These guidelines will certainly assist you in owning a more successful and competent website which can be surfed on mobile devices.

Written By

This post has been written by Will Colson, who is a famous blogger and writer from Apps Chopper. His inclination towards mobile web apps makes him write informative posts for the reader.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stephan

    December 12, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    Very useful tips.
    I’m really interested in what we shouldn’t do for a mobile website, I think this will help people who want to start their own website a lot.
    Thanks for your sharing.


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