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Which Architectural Trends Would Rule in 2017?

Architecture can be used as a general term to refer to buildings and other structures. It is also used to describe the science and art of designing these physical structures. The architectural techniques used in older civilizations are not used anymore in the current scenario. The methods change with every passing generation.

This year, people are more into living spaces and buildings that are cost effective. Many love to use technology to define the structures they have in mind. Here, take a look at some of the latest architectural trends that will rule the world in 2017.

Architectural Trends of 2017

1. 3 Dimensional Visualization

Using 3D visualization, 2D drawings are given life as if they are in front of you for real. When the plan of a building is made, what the clients want to know is how it looks like after the construction is completed. The 3D architectural visualization shows them exactly this. This type of display has changed the architectural sector as a whole. Most of the construction companies use this technique so that the clients can view the end product and suggest changes if they want to.

 2. Building Information Modelling

Building information modeling or BIM is a 3D-model based technique which provides tools to professionals in fields like architecture to do the planning, designing and construction of buildings efficiently. Recently, a lot of importance is based on BIM and developers will continue to use its benefits this year also. The reason for this is that the architects have come to understand the necessity of this model. It is thought that this year, more tools will be used in BIM. This could include elements of virtual reality, big data among many others.

3. Simple interiors

This is a time when less is considered more. Like the previous years, the craze is still for simple interiors. The authentic approach is what people are looking for when they do the interiors. With progressing technology, our lifestyles have become so machine-like in the recent years. While we cannot help it, the only thing we can change is the place we live. Nowadays, people prefer to build homes that are close to nature. While they do the interiors, they try to bring in elements of nature inside the house like fountains or plants.

4. Infrastructure and master planning

In 2017, infrastructure will continue to remain the area of focus for many builders. The major cities of the world are expanding. But, an interesting thing to note is the emphasis placed on the happiness of residents. Developers are keen on taking steps to maintain sustainability along with development works. For example, the developments taking place in some of the happening cities like Dubai have seen a shift in the way projects are undertaken. The aim now is to minimize congestion and increase the happiness levels of residents.

5. Training and recruitment

With education getting prime importance, more and more qualified architects are passing out every year. So, it becomes a responsibility to create more job opportunities. As the techniques of architecture are improving, it becomes necessary to equip everyone in the field with the latest skills. The leading developers will ensure that their staff have up to date knowledge of the newer concepts and make the best use of technology. For this, excellent training opportunities will be provided and the best candidates selected.

6. Sustainability

In every area of life, you can see the word sustainability gaining importance. Sustainable development refers to the development which makes the best use of natural resources without depleting them. In a rapidly changing world, going green is the need of the hour. This will ensure that the future generations will be able to enjoy these resources. In architecture, the builders are keener than ever to use sustainable methods for the construction of buildings. Steps will be taken to ensure that the developments will have very less impact on the environment. Many cities have already initiated projects that use the natural resources in an optimum way.

In 2017, technology will continue to improve and contribute a lot to architecture. It is expected that the world will look for authenticity in designs and materials and cause less disturbance to nature.

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Albert Smith is passionate about 3d Design service. He is a freelance architect and a property management consultant in West Palm Beach, Florida. You can find Albert’s articles on many property blogs and article directories. Currently he is writing on the progress of the technology developed by the touch screen company for property and architecture. Albert suggests his readers to follow icreate 3D for additional information on architectural animation.

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