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A Guide to Hiring a Virtual Magento Developer in India

Hiring a virtual Magento developer in India is quite a popular approach for IT businesses and digital marketing agencies as it helps them access required resources, manage large work scope and keep costs manageable. With a plethora of web developing companies in India offering outsourced solutions, it can be overwhelming to select the right executor. Here’s a guide to help you hire the best Magento development outsourcing company in India for your requirements.

Determine Your Requirements

Your first step to hire a Magento developer in India is to identify your requirements from the company. If your team speaks English, look for a company having English- speaking Magento experts. Think about your project requirements – for example, do you need a Magento 2 developer or custom features? Not all companies possess the creative talent or skills to deliver specific solutions.

Set a Budget

Think about the level of skills you would require – do you need a Middle, Middle+, Senior, or Magento Certified Developer? Virtual web developers charge by the hour and Hourly rates depend on the Magento developer’s skill level. It’s a good idea to determine the maximum cost you are willing to pay and work within that budget. You may want some flexibility in case you come across a company that meets your requirements and provides high-quality solutions but charges higher prices.

Use Google Search Engine

Hiring a virtual Magento developer on the internet is easier when you know where to look. Google is your best friend in your search. Companies offering outsourced web development solutions have their websites and one great way of evaluating a company is to check out the company’s website. If the company doesn’t have a good website that ranks high on search engine rankings, how can you trust it to develop a top-notch website for others? Pay attention to various aspects such as website quality, load speed, and website content.

Check Company’s Online Presence

While partnering with a company to hire a virtual Magento developer in India, check whether the company has social media profiles on various platforms – if yes, go through their profiles to determine if they seem like the right fit for you. Check out their blogs and presence on platforms such as Commerce Hero, Quora, Medium, LinkedIn, Magento Connect, and Magento Marketplace. This will help you establish their reliability and professionalism. You may also want to review B2B research catalogs such as those found on Glassdoor, Crunchbase, and TopAgency as part of your multi-level verification process.

Pay Attention to Coding Standards

When you have identified a few companies that fit your requirements, you need to make the final choice for hiring a virtual Magento developer. Pay attention to small details such as a Magento developer’s code standards. During the initial consultation, you can ask for the developer’s code examples and evaluate the developer’s work on various parameters such as error-free code, creative approach, and flexibility – the code should be easy-to-modify in case there’s a need for modification at a later date. You should also find out if the company will provide a substitute developer with the same level of skills in case a developer leaves the project.

Find out about the Company’s Business Processes

Depending on the project scale and the timeline for implementation, you may want to hire a dedicated Magento developer or a team of dedicated Magento developers. Will the company provide the services of dedicated Magento developers who will adhere to deadlines and work exclusively on your project till completion? Don’t hesitate to request a detailed description of the company’s business management processes. A reliable company will not shy from speaking about the business management model they follow and the tools they use. Take a moment to assess if their business processes are a good fit for your needs and business model.

Ask About Certification

Certification is a good criterion to evaluate the competence and skills of web developers. Only developers who have passed the official Magento exam are awarded a certificate. Certification is proof of a developer’s expertise in Magento products. Reliable outsourcing companies have certified Magento developers on their team to provide clients with best-in-class solutions. You should also take a look at the CVs of developers working for the outsourcing company. Do your best to compare the skillset of each candidate with your requirements.

Look At Portfolio and Client Reviews

Take a look at the portfolio of completed projects and client reviews before committing to an agency offering the services of Magento developers. The portfolio should have aesthetic, high-performance, and modern websites. For client reviews, check out platforms such as Clutch, LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook. Find out if the company offers a free trial of a Magento developer’s services. Finally, enquire if the company ensures confidentiality and what guarantees it provides to help you remain confident and secure. Use these guidelines while hiring a dedicated Magento developer in India who is the perfect fit for your project!

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