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7 Web Design Trends that Will Mold UX in 2019

Webinarcare defines a webinar as a virtual seminar that connects people from across the globe without hassle. Back in 2013, before webinars became the norm there are today, the Daily Mail released an infographic that estimated 571 websites to be launched every single minute. This was the more common way businesses could reach their target audience and customers. Indeed, by the fall of 2017, it was safely assumed that this number would be tripled, if not, quadrupled. And so it did!

With time, user preferences have also undergone a sea change. Static pages have given way to flat-theme-based landing pages. Even videos and subtle animations have become popular on website home pages.

There is a whole lot more happening in the web design space. 2017 was a showdown of some design reforms that have changed the web landscape once and for all.

2016 is here and you don’t have much time left to make your website ready for the future. To help you catch the last bus before it is too late, we have rounded up a few web design trends to look forward to in 2019.

#1 Chatbots Greet ‘Hello’

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become the buzzword of the Internet community. Their most popular manifestation is chatbots – self-learning, intelligent and dynamic response yielding live chat software. The definite advantage of chatbots is that they give your website visitors around the clock support system even if you are not around to address their queries.

The fascinating part is that these chatbots use Machine Learning programs to learn about customer preferences to predict the frequently asked questions and prepare proactive responses for them. For website owners, this could make a drastic improvement in their day-to-day visitor query management process.

#2 Dynamic & Personalized Typography

The typography used to be a silent design element in web designing. In recent years, it has evolved as a strong design statement that is highly personal and dynamic. Web designers are using typography to match the mood and personality of the web page.

Be it a minimalist design or one that is highly sophisticated, typography is capable of bringing that personal touch that is hard to achieve with other elements. Banner texts, menu items, headers, etc. can now be written in bold and dynamic text that catches the user’s attention.

In the days ahead, we can hope to see typography being used widely to express more than just content. Bubye boring-looking hard-to-read small print.

#3 Reactive SVG Animations

SVG animation (Scalable Vector Graphics) heighten the level of engagement on websites. SVG animations can react to user actions like a mouse click, scroll, page loading, etc. They take away the boredom when users have to wait for the website to respond with a response.

Reactive SVG animations are a surefire way to win customer attention and keep them engaged while they are on the page. The good news is that they do not need obnoxious processing power either. No effect on page loading speed or whatsoever.

#4 Illustrations Steal the Show

Illustrations are easy to create, provide total flexibility and also have the power to make a difference in a sea of fetching web designs. Standard high-res stock images in websites have become sort of outdated. Moreover, too many web designers leaned on to banks of free stock images. Chances are that you have seen the same image in too many websites.

Illustrations can make a difference here by offering colorful, bright and expressive designs that can set the right mood and also breathe some life into the website. Combine it with SVG animations and you have a blockbuster web user experience.

Why is slack motion’s Dribbble mockup a testament to the power of illustrations in web designing?

#5 Use of Contrast Colors

Colors play a major role in user psychology. In fact, they have been critical in logo designing and advertising campaigns. Colors can invoke moods, emotions and even actions in users. In modern web designing, contrast colors can go a long way in making customers click a Call-to-action, feel elated about a product or even turn into a paying customer.

In 2019, the focus will be more on colors that pop out and make the user feel warm. Use of contrast colors on home pages, call to actions, forms and even menus can be expected in 2019 and beyond. To learn more about web designing, check out these web designing magazines.

#6 Corrupted Images

Sharp, crisp and perfect images have become passe. A large majority of the web designers are now experimenting with ‘corrupted’ images, images that are deliberately ruined by adding a variety of filters, sketches, and distortion to make them totally different from their original counterparts. If done well, these corrupted images can be quite an attention stealer that can also imply subtle unsaid messages.

#7 Explainer Videos

Video marketing is gaining significant momentum across industries. Explainer videos are adept at conveying information about a product or service easily without much fuss. Moreover, videos can be highly personalized with app screens and workflow showing website visitors how exactly the product/service works. This helps increase conversions effectively. There is also a visible trend of interactive videos gaining popularity with every passing day.

Final Words

2019 – we can look forward to the web becoming a lot more engaging and eventful place. Intelligent chatbots that can scan information and come up with dynamic responses, as well as visual elements that can make users feel a lot more attended, will become mainstream in web designing.

The fact that users are more inclined towards experiences will also drive traction towards creative web designing. Irregular grids, distorted images, SVG animations are all examples of this growing trend.

These trends all suggest that we can look forward to a web environment that is largely personalized, more interactive and built with the user experience at the heart of it.

Written By

Kunjal Panchal is a former SEO Analyst turned digital marketing consultant with an exposure of more than a decade in Internet marketing industry. She specializes in targeted traffic, conversions and lead generation. She uses her laser-focused knowledge to help start-ups and SMBs achieve online success by being more digital-focused. She has shared her inputs on high-end publications like Search Engine Journal, Entrepreneur and many more.

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