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7 Reasons Why Your Content Writing Strategy Is Failing

Are you struggling to set up your business identity in the digital space? Every business is spending huge bucks on digital marketing and associated trends. Most companies start with a lot of enthusiasm. Eventually, when the content doesn’t work out, there are enough reasons to lose hope.

Let’s see how to market content effectively to gain maximum leads:

Innovative Concepts are Required

Content marketing is not a department-specific activity. It requires creativity and continuous effort. All the departments should combine and bang ideas. It’s not necessary to sit at the table and discuss for long hours content marketing strategy.

But every department, especially sales and management, can contribute their ideas about what works well with the audience. A single individual or department might not do enough justice to build content that works and brings traffic.

Set Smart Goals

In general, when asked about what good strategized content does, The reply is that it brings more traffic and helps with lead conversion. But the answer has to be more precise. A goal without a deadline is merely a dream!

Set SMART goals to achieve success:


Keep your Maths clear! For example, when someone asks what you want from good content in a certain period, your reply should be a 20% or 30% increment in traffic from the current position.


Measure how much content and time you need to write and promote content in an online space. If you can measure, then surely you can achieve. You can also install marketing automation to track the efficiency of your actions.


Always assign a practical and humane goal. Do not plan to move mountains with a little finger. Keep your goals in sight!


Choose the segment to work on with caution, because you may have enough traffic but a low lead conversion rate. In such cases, you need to adopt measures for lead conversion.


” A goal without a deadline is a dream!” Always set the timer and promote content on time. Content and digital are flooded. Missing on time is a significant factor in getting lost.

The Content is Jargon

Every minute, a new player is entering the content domain. Many companies and startups complain about having a lot of content, but they still don’t have enough traffic and leads. It’s because the content you are delivering is less customer-oriented. The content on the window should be about consumers’ curiosities rather than your business and growth.

Often, companies also underestimate the informative and educational aspects of the material. The ratio of educational and entertainment content should be 80-20. It’s alright to make content exciting, but ignoring the essential details will undoubtedly take the quality down.

Here is the detailed blog if you need more information about the Content Writing Services Provider.

SEO-optimized content

SEO is the lifeblood of online visibility. It’s essential to make content SEO optimized with at least 2% keyword density and no grammatical errors. Google loves video content, so if you add videos, then your chances of gaining traffic and leads are boosted.


Revisions are necessary to memorize well. Keep updating new blogs, articles, and content to stay highlighted and on top.

Call to Action

Content should compel the reader to think and take action. Ultimately, the motive is to capture leads. The traffic is futile if it doesn’t convert into leads.

Follow up on the leads

Prospective lead tracking is an integral part of transforming leads into loyal clients.

Written By

Bhavik Sarkhedi, is globally recognized Content Consultant and Founder of India’s fastest growing content marketing agency ‘Write Right’ – a 4-year-old independent content writing company, primarily targeting businesses and startups with the technological background. He has been a dedicated and contributing writer to Clutch, Goodfirms, Entrepreneur, HuffingtonPost, Yourstory and 45+ international magazines and blog.

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