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How to Optimize Your Website Content

Creating content for your website is not the end of the process. Top notch content written tirelessly by content writers will serve no purpose if the audience doesn’t find it. But now, there is a shift in the trend. While giving out search results to the audience, search engines not only focus on keywords but are also taking the content and word count into consideration.

Website content optimization involves creating well written, important and SEO-friendly content for the audience while maintaining the usage of relevant keywords and phrases.

Here are a few ways you can optimize your website content:

User-friendly Content

Your website content should be written keeping the target audience in mind. Keywords and phrases being overstuffed within the content without context will not give you the desired results on search engines anymore. Keywords should not be forced in the content; it should be a natural fit.

Content writers should focus on creating quality and fresh content for user engagement and search results instead of focusing on producing a large volume of content.

During the content writing exercise, writers should question whether or not this blog post or a particular article would answer a user’s query or whether the post is entertaining yet informative at the same time. Regular brainstorming sessions on content creation will open new ways to create user-friendly content.

Diversify your Content

Embedding videos, illustrations, images, statistical visualization and other graphical representation adds great value to your content. With the attention span of the audience decreasing, adding multiple visual aids alongside your content definitely attracts a variety of users. Think of innovative ways to diversify your content – you could start a reader’s contribution blog where the users can write on topics relevant to your website or start a podcast or create animation videos with respect to the content. Good user experience will add value to your website ranking.

Don’t Over-optimize

Remember that Google has started penalizing over-optimization so don’t go overboard with your optimization techniques.
The Title tags, Meta keywords and Meta description should be relevant to your content and not overstuffed with the keywords without any reason. Such unnecessary exercise will make the website look like a spammer to search engines.

Build a Community

You should push your website content on leading and upcoming social media networks. Social media presence plays a vital role in landing potential clients and users so don’t abandon these networking websites. Instead, build a community where you can constantly share new updates and posts related to the website. Interact with the followers and respond to the comment section to strengthen user engagement.

Further, build a relationship with the web influencers and brand managers who are willing to share and promote your website content with their followers. This will broaden the reach of your website. Many opt to hire the expertise of content writing services to make certain that the social media interaction with the user community stays strong.

Check for Duplicate Content

Duplicate content means when the content is plagiarized from another existing source. It could be copied from a website or blog post or any other material available online. Such identical similarities will adversely affect the traffic on your website as finding unique visitors could be difficult.

Your website’s reputation and ranking can be jeopardized on the search engines as Google penalizes duplicate content. Hence, writers should focus on providing authentic and fresh content instead of duplicating from other websites. There are many content writing services in India that can be hired to ensure authentic content for your website.

Link your Website to Related Pages

You can link other relevant pages to your website indicating that you are not only interested in providing additional information but you also avoid repetition and duplicate content. Such internal linking lowers the number of users who only visit one or two WebPages. But again, only add links related to the content available on your website.

For on-page optimization dedicate one page to each topic and provide unique yet informative content on this focused theme. Linking to other pages is always a better option than repeating the information on your website that is already available on the internet.

Market your Content

Ensuring that the content reaches to an appreciative and receptive audience requires work and planning. Market your content by developing social media strategies, interacting with well-known bloggers and influencers. You can always write guest blogs for relevant websites that have high-quality content to gain exposure and new followers, maybe even potential clients.

In the end, remember what search engines are not looking for. As mentioned above search engines have diversified their search results and they are certainly not looking for overuse of keywords on the website content. Second, ensure that the content is high quality, catchy and user oriented. The website should not be cluttered with pop-ups and irrelevant advertisements. Keep these points in mind to optimize your website content.

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Rohit is a full-time entrepreneur and online marketer. He usually blogs on all things related and remotely related to marketing, with a dash of humor. On his blog, you can get the professional tips and techniques about content writing for beginners.

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