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7 Practical Tips to Become a Good Fiction Writer

Writing fiction is undoubtedly a highly creative and meticulous process with many details to pay attention to and innumerable things to consider. It can get quite overwhelming at times. There is also no perfect rulebook that you can follow.

While writing fiction is a very individualistic process, you can do some basic things to ensure you have a great writing session every time you face the laptop. Here are some of the simplest writing tips you can follow to become a good fiction writer:

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

If you have a bunch of ideas that you intend to work on, ask yourself whether you are fully invested in the idea and believe you can make it happen. The chances are that the more passionate and excited you get about an idea, the better you will work at it. Place yourself in the shoes of an editor or publisher. Think about how you’d like to sell the book.

Write Every Single Day No Matter What

Ultimately, writing is a muscle. You need to put it to use every single day to strengthen it. Make a commitment that you will write at least one page a day or 1500 words a day. You will notice that almost every successful writer is a lover of routine. It is all about forming that habit and watching the results of your talent and consistency pay off.

Set Goals

If you feel intimidated by the gigantic writing work that awaits you, why not break it down into chunks? This way, you will feel more motivated to work on your writing and get everything done on time.

Ask for Some Feedback

When you’ve finished your first draft, you can ask some friends and family members about what they think of it. If you have a writing mentor, make sure to send them a few pages of your work. Make sure to consider their feedback very seriously. Also, try not to be discouraged by criticism.

Actually, criticism is a part of the whole fiction writing package deal. Remember that even the most successful fiction writers still face tremendous criticism even for their best-selling books. Hence, it is necessary to be objective about it and not let it hurt your self-esteem.

Make Your Writing Spot a Sacred Space

Find a good, quiet writing spot in your home where there is sufficient air and lighting. You don’t want to be disturbed by your family members, pets, or children. The creative juices for fiction only start flowing in quiet places. Hence, do your best to eliminate all distractions. You can also play white noise in the background to help you focus.

Make sure to sit and write in the same spot every single day, no matter what, as your brain will develop a positive association with that spot. So, whenever you sit in that spot, you can get your gears in action and get some serious writing work done.

Find Time for Other Activities

Inspiration can find you in the strangest of places. Once in a while, make sure to take a break from it all and enjoy your time in nature or with friends or family. Many people fail to realize the importance of breaks and relaxation. Many famous writers report that some of their best ideas came to them when they were doing something else.

Make sure to find time for recreation. Indulge in your favorite hobbies. Take your dog to the park and play frisbee with him. If you enjoy gambling, go to your favorite casino or, better yet, sit on your favorite couch and play slot online on your smartphone as long as you wish to.

Write Smartly

If you find yourself stuck on a particular page or find yourself editing your work most of the time, you are not likely to finish your book in time. Most writers choose not to be self-conscious about their first draft and place their emphasis on keeping the flow going. You can always worry about editing later.

In Conclusion

By following these writing tips, you will notice your writing efforts quickly turn more fruitful. Make sure to keep these tips at the forefront of your awareness, and you are sure to experience great results. Good luck with your book!

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