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6 Traits of a High-Quality Webinar

Are you looking to host your first webinar or improve on your previous ones? Do you want to learn more about the most important traits of high-quality live webinar platforms? Are you interested in finding the right webinar software for your company and customers’ needs?

If any of this is true of you, then you’re in the right place. Read through the information below to find out more about the most important traits of a high-quality webinar.

Lecture and Discussion Formats

All webinar software and platforms should allow you to host a lecture-style event since that is the nature of a webinar. However, lectures shouldn’t make up the entire presentation unless you want your customers to be bored and feel like their voices aren’t being heard during your event.

With a good webinar platform, you can set up a discussion format as well as your lecture. You may want to open up chat participation or encourage attendees to speak up using their cameras and microphones instead. With the right software or platform, you can make all of this happen in one convenient webinar setting.

Q&A Sessions

Similar to discussion formats, a good webinar will also include a Q&A session. This feature makes it easy for you to connect with your customers and interested parties during and after the lecture portion of the webinar, and it gives you a chance to answer their questions too.

During a Q&A, you will open up the floor to questions from your event attendees and take the time to answer them. This will help construct a more solid working relationship between you and these customers, and it will make your webinar more memorable at the same time.

One-on-One Discussions

You may also choose to include one-on-one discussions as a feature in your webinar, rather than simply group discussions and group Q&A sessions. This feature will allow you to speak directly to interested customers and work with them to address any concerns and find solutions to their issues as well.

One-on-one discussions may be better saved for subsequent webinars when you’re speaking to customers who have already signed on to work with your company. However, there may be a way to make them beneficial to any webinar, even when speaking to potential new customers as well.

Recording and On-Demand Reviewing

Any high-quality webinar platform should allow you to record your webinar. If you can’t record your webinar, then you will not be able to share it with anyone after the fact, and the information you provide during the event will be lost to the Internet. The recording is a crucial feature, and unlimited recording is an especially ideal quality to look for in good webinar software.

You should also be able to provide your customers with an on-demand reviewing of your webinar after the fact. This means they should be able to either download it or access it online through live streaming services. This way, they can revisit your information if they’re unsure about some of the finer points.

Browser-Based Access

Your webinar platform should always feature browser-based access. Some customers don’t have the time or ability to download several programs that allow them to visit webinars, and so they may simply choose to skip those webinars that require this type of download. By choosing a browser-based platform, you can provide easier access to more customers.

This feature also ensures that customers who may be less skilled with computer programs can still attend your webinar. And this, in turn, sends the message that you care about everyone who might choose to work with your company regardless of age or ability.

Easy Registration and Setup

Finally, you should choose a high-quality webinar platform that allows you to provide easy registration and setup. Customers should not have to sign up for a complicated program or provide tons of personal information to access your webinar, and they should find it easy to figure out how to register as well.

Additionally, a high-quality webinar should always be easy for you to set up on your end too. The easier it is for you to create and start your webinar, the more time you will have to spend on the content itself.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know which important traits to look for, you can more easily narrow down your options and find the best live webinar platforms like Vast to suit your needs. Take your time considering the options out there, but remember to choose one that ticks all the boxes listed above.

When you take the time to find the ideal webinar software, you’ll be more capable of setting up and hosting a memorable event your existing and potential customers will all enjoy. The better your event goes, the more likely you will be to see leads and new customers from the webinar.

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