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Does Your Office Need A Productivity Boost With New Technology?

With a struggling economy, most businesses have cut back to the bare minimum in staffing, but the amount of work, phone calls and paper processing remains the same.  What if you could organize your desk or roam the office and interact with co-workers while talking on the phone?

New Technology To Simplify Communicating:

Enter a new line of telephone headsets from Plantronics.  This new family of  wireless headsets connects to all of your communication devices so you can roam your office grabbing files or documents while you continue your conversation.  It also connects to your computer so if you spend time on help videos, webinars or any other computer-based applications, you’re now able to listen in while you multitask and organize your desk, sort the mail or prepare for your next client.  And last, it also connects to your mobile phone allowing you to have a normal conversation without trying to hold the tiny mobile phones of today with your shoulder as you try to write or type.

The First Headset for 3 Devices:

The new Savi series of wireless headsets is the first headset to connect to all of your communication devices used in an office.  The productivity boost comes from being able to wear one headset and communicate through your desk phone, PC and mobile phone.  You will no longer need three headsets on your desk, constantly exchanging one for another as your calls come in.

4 Models To Choose From:

The Savi is available in four different models to help enhance your headset experience with a model that best suits your needs and personal preferences.  The W740 is a convertible headset, meaning you can change how you wear it.  Over-the-ear, over-the-head and behind-the-neck wearing options gives you the most versatility of the Savi family.  With 7 hours of talk time and weighting only 21 grams you will find yourself forgetting you’re wearing a headset.  If your an over-the-ear kind of person, the W730 weighs 25 grams and provides 6 hours of talk time.  Consider the W730 if you prefer a secure, light weigh, over-the-ear fit.  For headband over-the-head uses, the W710 monaural style headset, leaves one ear open to easily communicate with co-workers.  To isolate yourself, the W720 binaural headset covers both ears allowing you to focus on your caller and not be distracted by the noise around you.

Take Away:

We’re all trying to get as much done as possible in our work day.  This new technology by Plantronics will simplify your life from a small business to large corporate offices and allows you to multitask while carrying on phone conversations, conference calls or listening to webinars.  You also get an ergonomic boost by using a lightweight and comfortable headset instead of cradling your handset which causes neck and shoulder pain.  Your investment in a new headset will be quickly re-cooped in the amount of extra time you will find in your day.

Written By

Wayne is the President/Founder of Headsets Direct which started in 1996. Consider my web site as a great resource for educating and helping headset users with Plantronics headset questions and needs.



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