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6 Reasons to Buy a Propeller Guard for your Drones


Drones are not just toys which are used for entertainment purposes, they are also utility devices which have been put to different forms of uses over the years. There are different types of drones in the market and the demand for them has increased tenfold. Despite the advantages of owning a cool drone, the threat and dangers it carries too are immense. The propellers are very aerodynamic in shape which means that they are rather sharp as well. The chances of a drone colliding with an obstacle are rather high and when the case, these propellers can cause some serious harm to the person/animal they collide with. In some cases, death is the ultimate result. So, how does one protect themselves from such propeller caused accidents? This can be done using Propeller Guards, also called as prop guards.

Prop guards are nothing much steel cages enclosures which enclose the individual propellers on the drone. These propellers continue to rotate within the enclosure itself without any sort of disturbance. These prop guards prevent direct contact between the obstacle and the propeller, thereby increasing the protection levels of the drone. All in all, prop guards hold multiple benefits and make a great addition to any existing drone setup.

Some of the reasons why you must get Propeller Guards for your drone are as follows:

1. They add extra levels of safety to the drone system

There are many videos on YouTube where you can see images of bloodied figures, arms, and hands which a result of serious injuries was as caused by drone accidents. These accidents cannot be prevented unless and until certain protection mechanisms are brought into place. The flying trajectory of drones can be very unpredictable in nature. There are high chances that they may collide with an innocent bystander thereby causing some grievous injury to them Propeller guards help protect direct contact between the propellers and the bystander. This way it makes it very unlikely that the drone may directly collide with you or any other obstacle.

2. If the drone collides with an obstacle, the chances of recovering it are higher

As mentioned about the trajectory paths of drones, there are high chances that a drone may crash into a pole or into a tree when it gets out of control. If you do not use a prop guard, the drone propellers will directly meet the pole/tree thereby destroying the entire drone system. However, if you equip your drone with propeller guards, the chances of deflection of the drone after the collision are high. This way, the drone doesn’t get stuck on the tree/pole and falls directly on the floor. You can easily recover the fallen drone on the ground.

3. Props guards make it easier to carry the drone

Modern-day drone designs consist of very sensitive parts which need to be handled with utmost care. We are talking about parts which can cost several hundreds of dollars and replacement is a rather expensive affair. Drone Propellers are very sensitive as well and can get damaged rather easily.

Hence, with the added propeller guards, you actually have something to hold onto. Thus, comes in handy when there are chances of rough handling while carrying the drone. In situations where the drone is dropped on the floor by mistake, these guards protect the drone propellers from possible damage.

4. Propeller guards increase the visibility of the drone when in flight

Drones can fly at astonishing altitudes and speeds as well. This makes it very difficult for the person controlling the drone to have a clear view of the drone in flight. If you wish to maneuver your drone through possible obstacles, you need to have good control over it. This can only be achieved if you have a good view of your drone. Added propeller guards make it easier for the person controlling the drone to see it from a considerable distance. The overall size of the drone assembly is increased which makes it even the more visible.

5. Prop guards increase protection while landing the drone

As mentioned earlier, drones can become very difficult to control at times. This is because they are very swift and can sometimes cheat the human eye. Chances that the drone might crash in midst of landing it is very high. Once crashed, the potential damage to the propellers and other key components is devastating. Your entire drone could get destroyed as well. However, when you equip your drone with prop guards, extra levels of protection are given to the propellers while landing. The chances that your drone will land on the sides are high and hence, the prop guards protect your drone’s propellers from any contact with the ground.

6. They make your drone look good

Nowadays, drones come in various shapes and sizes. There is increased competition to make them look as cool as possible. Certain additions can be in the form of stickers, colorings, fittings, etc. to name a few. However, prop guards too are said to make your drone look cool. Prop guards too come in interesting designs and colors and will make any drone look good. At the end of the day, you get a good-looking drone along with the added cosmetic enhancements. Hence, it’s safe to say that the coolness factor of your drone is increased tenfold!

The above-mentioned advantages of installing prop guards on your drone assembly are just a few in number. Added protection top your drone means that you will be able to use for a longer time. You can also end up saving hundreds of dollars on part replacements which might occur if the drone collides with an obstacle and the propellers are unprotected. Apart from just protecting the drone, you will also be protecting the people around you. Drone accidents can be prevented considerably and the entire experience becomes a very pleasing and fun-filled activity without the fear of anyone ending up getting hurt.

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