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5 Tech Items to Help Get a Better Night’s Sleep

While there is a general consensus that a constant attachment to technology is often negative, there are innovations in tech which will benefit and improve your well-being. The health industry has often employed the use of current technology to help improve testing and treatment, but now businesses have identified a gap in the market to create well-being and health tech that is easily accessible and usable by the average person.

This is a trend that companies are acknowledging, and we are increasingly seeing greater use of technology in the health and fitness market. Back in 2015, the brand Misfit and Shine was bought out by the watch brand, Fossil. However, more recently, Apple bought the sleep tracking firm Beddit, with these big business changes, here are my top 5 sleeping accessories that could help you get a better night’s sleep.

1.     ZEEQ Smart Pillow

Or, more commonly known as the snore pillow – this piece of tech claims to be an ‘active participant in your sleep’ and helps the user to cut down on their snoring. Features of the ZEEQ Smart Pillow include playing your music and utilising a sleep timer to assist in reducing snoring.

There have been many tech and non-tech related attempts to stop snoring, from nose strips to hypnosis, none of which have proven to be overly successful. This pillow has woven technology that claims to be the ultimate snore eliminator. It detects snoring, then counter reacts with a vibration to help you change position, allowing your partner to gain a peaceful night’s sleep.

2.     Kryo Sleep Performance System

Sleeping in an environment that is either too hot or too cold, can drastically affect your quality of sleep. Our bodies tend to have an ideal sleeping temperature which sits at around 60–68 degrees. However, sleeping in uncomfortable conditions can result in broken sleep and less dreaming.

This system integrates with fitness devices, like the popular Fitbit, to collect your sleep data which will help you improve all aspects of your sleep. This is a simple, thin sheet which will sit on top of your mattress and a small device, which slides discretely under your bed.

3.     Beddit

This device sits under your mattress sheet and simply learns how you sleep and why you may not be sleeping well. Connecting to your phone, you will be able to view your sleep trends, heart rate and it can also give you tips on creating the best sleeping environment depending on your sleep pattern. The app interface is nice, clean, and easy to navigate but with Apple taking over, there may be a design overhaul in the not too distant future.

4.     Go Ayo

These sleep glasses focus on light therapy to help you get your sleep. Interestingly, these glasses are not to be worn at night or whilst you sleep. They are recommended to be worn during a person’s morning routine to encourage a better night’s sleep, energy levels and reduce jetlag, making them an ideal travelling companion if you are a frequent flyer. The light therapy uses integrated LEDs, to mimic natural outdoor light and is said to reduce symptoms that negatively affect mood and sleep.

5.     Soraa Home

Still, on the topic of light, these specially engineered light bulbs help you take advantage of the natural light cycle inside your home. There have been many reports on how the blue light emitted from blubs, phones and computer screens can hinder your ability to sleep, these lightbulbs are blue light free. Again, connecting to an app, this clever device will report on the light conditions within your home and let you adjust the brightness and colour with a few taps.

Initially, the focus on wearable tech drove companies to start creating smart watches with a few health-enhancing functions. However, it soon became evident that the software wasn’t doing what it said on the box. Inaccurate data reporting and frustrated customers made it apparent that the health and fitness aspect was the main deciding factor in a purchase. With these findings, companies are investing more into research and development to create sleep and fitness devices, that can monitor and help improve your health.

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