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5 Surefire Ways to Boost Audience Engagement on Instagram

Insta engagement
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When Instagram (IG) was still relatively new, it was all about posting pretty pictures and trying out different filters. Now, celebrities, influencers, and even small or large companies use Instagram as part of their digital marketing strategies to reach more people and generate more leads. So, if you’re using Instagram for your brand, you’re on the right track. With over one billion monthly dynamic users, Instagram is one of the best platforms to boost your social media presence and widen your reach.

However, to achieve positive results and generate leads, you need to build your Instagram engagement first. Your audience engagement rate is among the metrics Instagram uses to dictate if your content should appear on top of your followers’ feed. Furthermore, your Instagram engagement determines how much your content influences your target audience. The more shares, likes, and comments you get, the more your IG account will attract attention.

But the thing is, boosting your audience engagement can take time and effort. You can gain quality engagement with the right tips, and the benefits will surely follow.

Instagram engagement

Here are five surefire ways to boost your audience engagement on Instagram.

1. Post Consistently

It’s hard for your audience to engage with your brand if you’re not actively posting. Your content will serve as the portal for your followers to like, comment, or share your posts. Thus, one of the most basic ways to maintain and boost consistency with your Instagram followers is by posting regularly. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should publish one post per hour every day. Otherwise, your account may look too spammy and cause people to unfollow your account.

The average amount of content you can post daily is 2 to 5. You can feed your audience with fresh and relevant content through consistent postings, such as pictures, videos, or Instagram reels.

Meanwhile, consistently posting may not work if you don’t have enough followers. That said, you must consider buying Instagram followers to increase your reach. However, you must ensure to choose the best site to buy Instagram followers. Additionally, you should be guaranteed that real followers will be given to you, to engage with active accounts and not fake ones.

2. Be Authentic And Relatable

Aside from posting regularly, you also need to ensure you’re posting authentic content. Trying to look too perfect on Instagram will make it harder for your followers to relate to you or your brand. Doing this may adversely affect your engagement rate. So, when posting content, try to be more realistic. If you’re endorsing your product/service on Instagram, you can post a meme or a joke that may relate to most of your viewers. If you’re posting IG videos, you may share the behind-the-scene footage so they’ll see the reality behind your stories. The goal is to become a relatable brand to attract more followers and promote engagement with your audience.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the essential Instagram tools that can help you reach your target audience, who may be looking for a specific niche. Moreover, it can also help increase the visibility of your posts. When you use a particular hashtag on your post or Instagram stories, it will appear on other people’s feeds if they search for that specific hashtag.

However, before you start incorporating hashtags, ensure you do your research about which keywords are relevant to your post or your niche. Otherwise, hashtags unrelated to your brand can only smear your marketing campaign and stir your postings away from your target audience.

4. Go Live

Besides the photos and videos, you post, hosting an Instagram live is also a great way to increase your audience engagement. Going live lets you interact with your audience in real-time. At the same time, this also gives them a chance to get to know your brand and the person behind it, making you more relatable. In addition, once your viewers enjoy your live videos, they can also share the link and have their friends join them in watching your live stream.

You can go live once a week during weekdays or weekends, wherein you know your followers are most active. But since some people have a very short attention span, it may be best to host your Instagram live for at least 10 minutes to one hour only. It would also be helpful to have a checklist on what you’re going to say or do during your live stream so you won’t have idle times on your video that might bore or discourage your viewers.

5. Launch An Enticing Giveaway

Who doesn’t love receiving free stuff? So, if possible, consider hosting giveaways for your followers. You can organize a game, contest, or promotion that your followers can participate in. With exciting prizes, your followers will surely tag their friends and encourage them to join.

You should provide clear rules, guidelines, or requirements so your audience can easily join. But since your goal is to boost audience engagement, the tag/follow/share entry may be the best requirement. It’s up to you if the prize will be a product, service, or experience. Ideally, you may host giveaways every quarter or at least twice a year.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, there are many ways you can creatively increase your audience engagement on Instagram. So, the next time you plan your digital marketing strategy, ensure to incorporate any of these ideas and watch your engagement rate roll in.

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