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Instagram Stories: How to Have an Impact on your Followers?

Instagram Stories might not be a totally original concept (Remember Snapchat stories?), but it has certainly taken over as one of the most important ways to communicate on social media. Only available for 24 hours, they are created to have an impact. So how can you prepare better Instagram Stories to reach and touch your followers?

The Instagram success

If Instagram was able to become so successful, it is mainly because its platform enables the users to create smart and polished visuals through the use of a variety of filters, which render photos more attractive. There is no doubt that with its 300 million daily users, it is a strong tool for whatever message you want to send through. Although it was already a great success, the Instagram Stories added to the value of the app by providing a function that links more than just pictures, positioned one after another.

Posting on Instagram already assures you of minimum quality, thanks to its tools. But today, some applications can make your stories look even better, reaching a level where your followers will believe they are the work of a professional. A story editor will let you modify everything on your post until it is to your complete satisfaction. By choosing one of the templates available on it, you’ll be able to raise the quality of your stories while adding photos and videos. Once they are completed, you simply have to choose the social network you want to post it to (in this case Instagram) and it will automatically find its way to it.

of Instagram Stories

By letting followers access the story only for 24 hours before it is removed from the platform, it creates a need to watch it right away, which brings more viewers to your post, instantly. At the same time, you can add as many photos and videos to your story as you want, to be shown all at once. Therefore, your followers will not be as disturbed as if you were posting four, six, ten photos back to back on your board, which can seem excessive. During these 24 hours, you can go and add content to your story, bringing your followers back to your account, if you managed to hook them with the beginning of your Story.

If you have never used Instagram Stories before, look for the “plus sign” on the left corner of your account and click on it to start a new one. You must do the same thing if you want to add to your current story.

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