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5 Reasons Nonprofits Need an App

Non-profit organisations don’t raise funds like they used to a few years back. In today’s mobile age, traditional ways of fundraising are becoming obsolete. It’s imperative for a non-profit organisation to have a robust mobile presence. According to a survey conducted by Kimbia, 17% of crowdfunding donations come from mobile devices. By limiting itself to a website, a non-profit organisation is sure to miss out on potential funds.

Here are 5 good reasons for nonprofits to go the app way –

1. Raise Funds

A mobile app makes it easier for members to make a donation. When making a donation is just a matter of few clicks, more users are encouraged to do their bit.

2. Get Customer Feedback

When it comes to growing your NGO, paying attention to member feedback is imperative. There are many online app creators out there that come with integrated feedback form allowing members and volunteers to leave their reviews and suggestions for the betterment of the organisation.

3. Invite More Volunteers

Going mobile implies that you can reach out to a wider network of members, volunteers and potential donors – right on their personal devices. Not just that! A mobile app enables NGOs to engage with the users by location in real-time. The ability to connect with the members and prospects when and where it matters is perhaps the biggest advantage of having a mobile app.

4. Keep Members in the Loop of Upcoming Events

By updating their app event calendar, NGOs can create buzz around their fundraising events and upcoming campaigns and disperse all the relevant information including directions, activities, accommodations, and so forth. Further, push notifications and in-app messages work great to connect with members and volunteers and keep them in the loop of the latest happenings.

5. Streamline Activities

A good mobile app comes loaded with features that streamline the daily chores and activities involved in running nonprofits. When managing day-to-day communication tasks becomes a matter of few clicks, the founding members can shift their focus on things that really matter!

Once your non-profit app crosses the million download mark, it can be monetised in so many ways, be it paid downloads, in-app purchase or simply by running third party ads.

Thousands of NGOs, charities and non-profits have gone the app way to boost funds and build their volunteer base. You want to go mobile too. But considering the costs and time involved in custom app development, you would rather settle with a mobile website. Well, let us tell you that with the advent of mobile app makers, non-profits can build their own customised Android and iOS mobile applications at optimal prices, without writing a single line of code.

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