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5 Link Building Strategies SEO Experts Recommend in 2023

It’s always a good idea to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing strategies. SEO is an integral aspect of how you reach out and connect with potential customers and using one of the best link building companies around will also help you to get the desired results.

Link building continues to deliver excellent marketing results but what strategies do SEO experts recommend using in 2023?

Getting the outreach right

Outreach continues to be one of the most critical cornerstones of your link-building strategy. Contacting highly relevant websites and requesting a link to your site in return for some quality content remains a proven path to marketing success.

You have to offer premium content and provide some compelling reasons to link your content. The focus should always be on quality rather than quantity when it comes to making the most of outreach opportunities.

Broken links are a real no-brainer

Another obvious candidate for your current marketing strategy is the opportunities that exist to mend broken links.

Finding broken external links on other websites and offering to replace them with a different link that you have created is a service that continues to achieve great results.

Offering to fix broken links is a real no-brainer as it provides a service that benefits both you and the website you are offering the option to.

A good way to get ahead of your competitors

Watching and learning what your competitors are doing can help you find an edge and move ahead of them in the pecking order.

When you regularly analyze your competitor’s backlinks you get to find out where they are earning the most backlinks and which content types are most successful.

There are analytical tools available to help you gather this useful information and create a competitive advantage based on what you discover.

A subtle but powerful way of getting noticed

It is not always necessary to get a link to your website to gain some traction.

Unlinked brand mentions are trending right now. If a website mentions your name this is already beneficial. At some point, that familiarity could also make them more willing to add a link.

This is a subtle but powerful way to boost your online profile.

Focus on linkable assets

If you are not familiar with this term, a linkable asset describes content that is capable of attracting backlinks in a very natural way.

A typical example of a linkable asset would be an infographic or an online tutorial.

When you provide a useful and interesting resource it often results in your engaging content being able to achieve links naturally.

Aim to create fresh content regularly rather than attempting to spread the information too thinly. Webmasters will be more receptive to a resource that is fresh, informative, and engaging.

If you can focus your efforts on these powerful link-building strategies you should see some positive results in the form of more meaningful links to your website.

How many of these strategies are you currently using in 2023?

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