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5 Hot LinkedIn Tips For Business Marketing

Marketing your business on LinkedIn is not something that should be overwhelming or confusing. In fact, being successful on LinkedIn is fairly straightforward. LinkedIn is social media network and it’s a great way to connect with other businesses and their employees. Below, you will find 5 LinkedIn tips so that you can start being effective with your marketing efforts immediately.

1 – Complete your profile and dress it up

Profiles on LinkedIn often look bland and unenticing. Be sure to dress up your profile and provide as much detail as possible. The more complete your profile is, the better it will be perceived by others. Work experience, company information, products or services provided and information about yourself is a great way to add life to your profile.

2 – Join groups

LinkedIn revolves around groups and unless you join them, you are going to have a difficult time marketing yourself. Groups allow you to connect with others that are in a similar business or industry as you. Don’t forget to join groups and contact other members.

3 – Engage with the community

Becoming an active member of LinkedIn is the best way to get noticed and build your brand. By engaging and connecting with others, your profile will get visited more frequently and your business will build authority and receive recognition. It’s a good idea to respond and connect with others so that you will be perceived well in the public eye.

4 – Customize your websites

LinkedIn allows you to enter in several different websites on your profile. Be sure to customize those links and advertise your business there as best you can. It also allows you to specify what website of yours each links is for and provide a title for it. Do your best to write compelling copy for the title to encourage click through.

5 – Optimize your profile through SEO

Establishing search engine rankings for your LinkedIn profile is an excellent idea. When customers or other businesses search for you, they will find your LinkedIn account right away. This allows them to quickly connect with you and learn about your company, which will surely increase your exposure on LinkedIn. This could also increase the number of contact requests you get on the network.

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Ori Tal is the CEO of ESO Equity from Cocoa Beach Florida and develop residential and commercial properties.

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