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5 Essential Movies to Order for Your Upcoming Sleepover

Nothing heals day-to-day scars better than companionship.

To have yourself surrounded by warm, loving friends that value you and make you look at life from a different perspective is a heaven in itself.

Because if you’re alone in these cold, success-driven times, you’ll just be sad, this depression will deprive you of tasting the full zest of life that’s best done in the company of people who adore you.

This is why I highly recommend you to take some time out of your busy routine and invite your friends to a joy-filled sleepover. And as you already know, a sleepover is simply incomplete without movies to strengthen the bond between you and your friends.

Out of the million movies out there, these five are the classic ones which will totally diversify your evening with top-class entertainment. That, I can promise you.

1.  The Breakfast Club (1985):

Five high school stereotypes coming together in one place and mutually discovering themselves sounds like a wonderful plot, doesn’t it? It sure does!

Belonging to different cliques, these students have absolutely nothing in common. Yet they are all stuck in one place: Detention. Because of this, they are forced to interact and eventually shed off the roles that are assigned to them by society. They rebel and in rebelling, become comrades.

This movie will make you realize the power of friendship, and bring you closer to your peeps. Do give it a try!

2.  It (2017):

Another movie that will literally bring you closer to your friends is Stephen King’s It, the latest and not to mention, a far more terrifying version. Even though it has a cast of children, there’s nothing childish about the film. It has the potential to scare even the most serious of adults. With eerie sounds perfectly gelled in with a fantastic plot, each sequence is sure to shake you to the very core!

The film centers on a horrifying clown-like figure who feeds on fear and flesh, conjoining seven nerdy friends on a spook-filled quest to vanquish the clown.

Feeling the Goosebumps yet?

3.  Letters to Juliet (2010):

What sounds better than a classic rom-com to take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride?

I know what you’re going to say.

There are far better romantic comedies out there, like Pretty Woman, Love Actually and The Proposal etc. But this film takes the lead in its beautiful portrayal of Italian sceneries mingled with vines and old letters, which is nothing short of idyllic. It’s also special because it’s hardly mainstream. The film follows the journey of a young fact-checker who, in the process of joining two long-lost lovers, falls in love herself.

It’s got a very mellow and sunshine-gold vibe around it. Let it fill you with a tearful joy as you watch it with your friends.

4.  The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014):

Do you know what a weird kind of funny is?

That’s right: every Wes Anderson film.

With unusually toned-down action, uncanny angles, an intriguing story, and witty…

Dialogue, this movie is a must-see for your sleepover. You might be unwilling to give it a try because of its seemingly somber aura. But believe me, you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

The Grand Budapest Hotel holds stories of glories and of ruin in its corridors. Its history is relayed through the mouth of its owner, the former bell-boy, Zero, who is involved in a murder conspiracy along with his mentor.

The suspense is enough to keep you and your friends on toes!

5.  Coraline (2009):

How can this list be complete without an animated movie?

Not your usual lovey-dovey cartoon, Coraline is a dark-fantasy number that is thrilling the core. It explores the concept of an inverted shadow world, holding sinister entities that target emotionally-distressed children, with honey-colored dreams to make them exit the real world. This is precisely what happens to Coraline, a dissatisfied girl who gets more than what she bargains for.

So how about you go through that little door in the wall, now?

You can get these timeless movies on-demand and in HD from your cable provider, if they’re offering such a deal. If they’re not, then you’d be wise to opt for the spectacular Charter Cable Packages and save loads! Just make sure that everything’s ready by the time your sleepover starts because these movies will certainly light it up!

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  1. Rohit Sharma

    July 18, 2018 at 8:25 am

    Amazing Writeup Chris! Nice Compilation! I am a huge fan of Hollywood movies and I have seen some of the movies mentioned above. Thanks for making my work cut out for me.
    Keep Posting such informative Posts. Keep Going.

  2. James Anderson

    November 19, 2018 at 6:16 am

    This list includes some good movies but I am more interested in finding some old classic movies that may not be easily available now.

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