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5 Benefits Of Using A Time & Attendance Tracking System In The Workplace

When most people think about time and attendance tracking systems in the workplace, they immediately take up a defensive attitude. This may not even come from someone who is working at that particular company or has a vested interest in its employees, but sadly, most companies only start using these kinds of systems when they feel that their employees are working less than they are expected to. That is what has created this association between the time tracking system and the how people perceive it. But the fact is that there are five benefits of using a time and attendance tracking system in the workplace that have very little to do with corporate managers trying to squeeze every minute of possible work out of their employees.

1. Less time fraud

Of course time fraud is the first reason why a company would make the investment in such a system. But that does not mean it is doing it because it does not trust its employees. Anyone of us must have noticed that whenever we try to work for ourselves we tend to be very lax about when we get up and start working. That is, in fact, the number one reason why there are not more people trying to go into business for themselves: they know they don’t have the discipline to put in the hours necessary to make them successful.

2. Better employee data collection

Another reason why a time tracking system has nothing to do with trust, but with the monitoring of how much work each employee puts in. It is a given that some people are slower than others and that there are high performers who can just afford more cigarette breaks, but that’s why the direct manager is generally the highest paid individual. Still, knowing how much work employees have done can help them make better decisions.

3. Employees feel more accountable

Many employees will actually discover that an attendance tracking system will give them a reason to be on time at work and gives a sense of completion at the end of the day. Of course, nobody likes a control system of any kind, but road signs along the way are what keep us from becoming statistics. Most of us can probably recall an incident where a tracking system may have saved our jobs.

4. Payroll calculation becomes easier

Payroll calculation is something that is more easily handled by the accounting department so it does not really affect the employee’s work. Still, the employer will have a much easier time understanding how and where the company’s money is spent if he can glance over the statistics of such a system. In fact, at the height of the recession, implementing an attendance system and cutting some hours might have saved a lot of jobs.

5. There are limitless software possibilities

The last benefit of using a time and attendance tracking system is that there are so many systems on the market, and some are available free of charge. The free ones may not have the most bells and whistles, but they will still do the job. Once it becomes apparent how much savings it can bring, many employers may choose to invest in upgraded system.

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I am Leo Preston, An occasional blogger & love to write about various things (Mostly technology). I studied and holds a bachelors degree in psychology.I got the idea of writing this article while visiting Time Access Systems Inc. ‘s website & like to give credit to them for being an awesome resource.



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