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3 Top Places to Visit in 2019

The early months of the year are the ideal time to book your summer holiday; you have got enough time to make a perfect choice and to build up your excitement, but not such a long time that the waiting seems like it is going to take forever. It’s essential, however, to take into consideration exactly what you are looking for when you are booking your next getaway. Is this a family holiday, for example, or a romantic break away for two? Are you travelling solo and want to explore new places, or do you want to go back to somewhere you have already been? With summer 2019 quickly approaching, below are will find the best places to visit this year, but which destination will you choose?

The Greek Islands

Looking at villas in Greek islands is a great way to start your holiday search. A villa gives you as much privacy and comfort as you need, being a real home from home, and the Greek islands are so diverse that you can easily find the perfect holiday destination for you and all your travelling companions.

Corfu is perfect for young families, for example, and Kos is a fantastic place to visit if you like nightlife such as bars and clubs. No matter where you choose, you will find beautiful scenery, amazing architecture, incredible food, and friendly people.


Croatia may not be the first place which springs to mind when you start to book your summer holiday for this year, and it is a relatively new place for tourists to visit, but it is stunning and well worth the trip.

The really wonderful thing about Croatia is that much of it is undiscovered, and you can explore new and beautiful places without feeling crowded or that it is all too busy. The sea is lovely, and you might even spot some dolphins dancing if you’re out on a boat trip or even relaxing on the beach. Wander through the traditional fishing villages and try some of the local cuisines. Buy some bargains and souvenirs at a local market. Try the wine at a Croatian vineyard. It’s all so perfect.

Sri Lanka

If you want to go a little further afield, Sri Lanka is a great destination to try. You’ll find miles of stunning beaches complete with palm trees swaying in the breeze – it’s idyllic. Not only that, but there are dozens of national parks in Sri Lanka where you can enjoy the local flora and fauna including elephants. Plus the ancient monuments that you can see all around are like nothing else on earth. Don’t forget the evocative statues of Buddha that you can find in many areas of the country.

Yet it’s not just beautiful and ancient things; there is a thriving nightlife in Sri Lanka, and there are plenty of bars and clubs to enjoy after a day of exploring and learning about this most fascinating of countries. You’ll often find organised beach parties to join in with, as well as lots of local food stalls that line the streets wherever you go.

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