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3 Essentials in Creating App Store Screenshots

So you have created a great mobile application, what’s the next step? You have to make sure that mobile users who see your app will download it. One way to do that is by making an amazing screenshot of what the product will look like when included in the App Store lineup. There are over 2.2 million mobile apps in the App Store. Pretty staggering, right? You absolutely need to standout if you want people to download your amazing app. Having an amazing app doesn’t matter much if nobody buys it.

But you are in for a treat because user exchange website UxPlanet surely knows what you need. The website has some App Store screenshots mockups that will help make your product standout.

App Store screenshots: What you need to know

First, you have to know what sizes for App Store is needed for you to make an appropriate screenshot generation.

App Store requirements:

  • Flattened JPEG or PNG format
  • A pixel density of 72 dots per inch
  • RGB (red, green and blue) color scheme
  • Backgrounds should not be transparent
  • High resolution
  • Top-notch quality

There was a time when app developers and designers have to submit sizes of screenshots in order to fit the right kind screenshot for various Apple devices. But Apple launched the Simplified Screenshot Submission Process wherein developers and designers only need to submit a 5.5” screenshot asset. This is the size appropriate for the iPhone 7 Plus and above. Apple itself will downsize the screen sizes in order to fit the other iOS screenshots.

App Store and Google Play have their own screenshot dimensions. So if you happen to make a design for Google Play or the Android device, know that it requires a minimum dimension of 320 post exchange and a maximum of 3840px.

The digital age has really made things easier for every developer and designer because there is such a thing as screenshot builder that will help you create beautiful images that could fit either the App Store or Google Play. The App Store is certainly a great and trusted place to showcase your digital product.

3 essentials in creating amazing screenshots

How do you stand out among the millions of mobile applications that have been created by individuals who are just as talented? You have to make amazing App Store screenshots. In order to do that, you need these three things:

1. Stunning images

The best way to visualize how you want your screenshot to look like is to think about your personal experience. You have to admit, the first thing that will really grab your attention is the visuals. The first image should immediately grab your attention. It has to be powerful. It has to grab the potential users’ attention right away. Ask your friends for help. You may be an expert on what is considered creative or not but you also have to recognize that beauty is subjective. But once the majority of the people tell you that the image is enticing, then you know it is potentially universally beautiful.

A captivating image is not just about the central photo but also about the background images—if there are any—as well as the custom background. The background color usually depends on the theme of the application or the company that has commissioned it. So while you may not have much to do about the major color scheme, you can choose the accents.

2. Informative and engaging description

While the image is great at attracting the attention of the audience, it is the description text that could seal the deal. Again, you have to imagine yourself scrolling through the App Store. What could make people download your app? The app has to be useful and fun. It has to excite people. A picture doesn’t always say a thousand words, but a few detailed and powerful descriptions could mean a thousand words. By the way, flowery words don’t really attract people. It is the content. You have to convince the audience to download your app in just a few words.

State the best features of the app and the goal of the digital product. Brevity is important because people don’t really enjoy reading a lengthy description. The first sentence should be powerful enough that the potential user could actually download with that lone sentence alone, or it could prod them to move on to the next sentence. It shouldn’t take more than three sentences for a person to actually want to download your app.

Bear in mind that screenshots showing the app will feature a large photo of the digital product and the brief description. The description should be in sync with the photo; they have to be cohesive or it will leave audiences baffled.

3. Psychologically seductive

Before creating screenshots, it might be wise to study the psychological elements that will make people want a product. This should not discredit the first two essentials: it is always necessary to have a powerful image and an informative description to market a mobile application. But there are other psychological matters that you could add to the screenshot maker in order to make the most amazing app screenshots.

There are features like fonts and the right colors that could help your product page more appealing. You also have to consider that your store screenshots should work for the smallest screen like the Apple Watch or iPhone to the largest mobile screen in the iPad Pro.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Luke Liverpool

    January 8, 2020 at 12:50 am

    Screenshots are very important for certain types of media. In apps it helps me a lot because it shows me a visual preview of product before I try it. On my website some of the games I host I use screenshots to preview the games.

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