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7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but it’s often a room that gets ignored during home renovations and seasonal refreshes. Adding a little luxury to your time in the shower, in front of the mirror and more doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. For a spa-like upgrade to your own home’s bathroom, consider these 7 easy additions!

1. Find a Comfy Chair

This tip isn’t ideal for those of us with smaller bathrooms, but if you have a little bit of space to play around with, consider adding a chair. This is the perfect place to set a towel or clean clothes, as well a spot to take a seat. Choose a chair that will be easy to clean and won’t be too affected by the humidity in the room.

2. Refresh Your Cabinets

For a low-cost upgrade that changes the entire feel of your bathroom, choose a bold paint color for your cabinets. Adding new drawer pulls and handles (even if you opt not to paint your cabinets) is a simple change that adds a touch of luxury to your home.

3. Add an Essential Oil Diffuser

For a touch of high-tech relaxation, set an essential oil diffuser (like the SPA210 Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser from PureGuardian) on your countertop or shelf. For just $40, turn your bathroom into a stress-free zone with your favorite essential oil. The diffuser uses ultrasonic humidifier technology to add both humidity and good vibes to your nightly routine.

4. Coat Your Walls with Fresh Paint

The walls and ceiling of your bathroom likely take a beating, with high humidity, hair spray, and splashing kids. Give the room a facelift with a fresh coat of paint and choose a light, airy color that will add to the spa-like feel of your bathroom. You can typically use the shower about 24 hours after painting as long as your bathroom is well ventilated. This means you’ll have a great upgrade, without bumming showers off nearby friends or family.

5. Pick up a Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

The bathroom might seem like a strange place for flowers, but a fresh bouquet adds a splash of color and a lovely scent without taking up too much room on the counter. If replacing a bouquet every week doesn’t sound fun, consider a small plant like an orchid, decorative grass or aloe vera.

6. Add a Second (or Third) Towel Bar

You can never have too many places to put damp towels, drying swimsuits and clothes out of the washing machine. Having an extra towel rack or two can make your bathroom function more smoothly and is a great use of space. While you’re at it, upgrade to a towel bar you really love and fits your favorite towels well. Looking for a cute DIY project? Make this vintage-inspired one to match a rustic bathroom.

7. Choose the Best Storage for You

Finding baskets and bins that are both cute and functional can help reduce your bathroom-induced stress. Dollar stores often have a great selection of plastic options that stand up to the messes that are impossible to avoid in the bathroom. If you have the room, adding a full armoire or a medicine cabinet can also be an easy, cost-efficient way to gain storage without changing your floor plan.

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